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Cheapest telecommunication provider in Poland?

wylaw 9 | 15
3 Mar 2012 #1

For somebody who is mainly writing text messages (95%, 5% phone calls) to various providers such as orange, heya or play, which would be the cheapest provider to go with?

wednesday 1 | 9
3 Mar 2012 #2
I use the mobile a lot and find that PLAY are fantastic, very cheap and 100% reliable.
OP wylaw 9 | 15
6 Mar 2012 #3
Thank you for your opinion on that.

How much do you pay for a message to other providers?
hanseat 1 | 7
8 Mar 2012 #4
I can confirm this opinion regarding PLAY. We changed in my company from Orange to PLAY and this reduced my invoices for about 75% !!!

Especially Orange is using a lot of fancy tricks to cheat their clients:
- the contracts are coming with a courier like UPS, the driver is waiting, you don't have any chance to read the contract before signing

or, either funny,
- there is no phone number available to call the Orange accounting dept. without a Orange mobile. If you have a claim and you number is blocked, you are forced to pay before the case is solved.

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