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9 Jun 2012
Language / Polish baby talk [15]


Are there any more? for example, would a direct translation of the examples I gave above sound OK or strange?
5 Jun 2012
Language / Polish baby talk [15]

Merged: What kinds of things do you say to a Polish baby?

My friends have a beautiful daughter who is just learning to talk, but I don't know what to say to her. I feel stupid saying "Cześć £ucja!" and I don't know Polish slang/baby talk. What kinds of things to people say to babies in Poland?

for example in England you can say things like:
"where's ya shoes??" (in a high and stupid voice)
"Give us a smile"
"where's that smile?"
"oh you're a beautiful baby, oh you are beautiful!"
"hello pretty baby!"

Just some examples I could think of!! Anything will be fine, I just don't want to make mistakes and be laughed at for being to formal..I wouldn't say "Jak się masz?" for example..I would just feel weird!

I hope I am even making sense?
9 Apr 2012
Language / The shame! I can't pronounce my Polish wife's name (Ola) [62]

My boyfriend is called Adam- I say it in the English way (the second 'A' sounds more like a voiced puff of air) rather than the Polish way of the second A sounding exactly like the first, but he doesn't mind- I am called Tanya and neither him, his friends nor his family can pronounce my name right- they always end up sticking an 'i' in there or an exaggerated 'y' and a strong second 'a' - but I don't mind either!

P.S yes I know that in Polish 'Tania' is a word and I also know what it means, however it is not pronounced the same as my name is in English :)
27 Feb 2012

We have seen it all before. 2 Poles living above you in the 1st week and by the end of the month there are 22 of them plus the dog. This is the way they can drive down the wages and work for £2.38 an hour depriving local people of the jobs. Exploited by cheap landlords and employers alike. Vote UKIP or BNP and lets get UK out of the EU

Statements like this make me ashamed to be English..
19 Feb 2012
Love / Do some Polish women prefer older men for money? [57]

I think people who struggled or had family that struggled with money through childhood do value money (a higher standard of living) as a bigger quality than people who did not struggle, as they know what life is like on the breadline, I have been told this by many Polish women and men. Money, or more wealth as in assets does have a higher importance than some would place on these things, though who can blame them when many of my friends parents apparently could hardly afford to put food on the table, it's no a bad thing.
16 Feb 2012
Language / GCSE Polish experience. [51]

Where can you even sit accredited Polish courses in England? I have been trying to find one for a while!
16 Feb 2012
Language / Useful tips on learning Polish? [25]

I have been learning Polish myself and the university of Pitts Polish course is amazing, though it is not for absolute beginners. To begin you should learn the alphabet! this is most important as you will need to know the alphabet and sounds that certain combination of letters make to be able to read and pronounce words right. Then go to youtube and watch videos on there of phrases and gramatical case, look up the grammatical cases on wiki (there are seven) and learn the rules to them. helps with pronunciation!! then start the online Polish course! you do no have to sign up and all the material is printable, free and at degree level for true deep understanding of the language! This Polish course is for beginners/intermediate learners, you should be fine with it! I am up to lekcja czwarta and my boyfriend (who is Polish) is absolutely amazed with how much I can understand/read/write/say. Good luck! < (fantastic online free course) < (for pronunciation) <(useful videos for beginners!)
16 Feb 2012
Language / The shame! I can't pronounce my Polish wife's name (Ola) [62]

Like the 'O' in Octopus. Very simple really, the Polish vowels that look like English vowels take the 'baby' form of the English alphabet, the baby alphabet meaning the alphabet they first teach children in nursery where the 'G' is as in girl and not the 'G' in Georgia.
15 Feb 2012
Australia / Teaching my friend english, no experience [8]

youtube is a great way to begin with, as it helps with pronunciation as well. It is going to be a long slog, Iet's hope you are up to it!
15 Feb 2012
Language / Nice Polish phrases to say to men [76]

to learn how to pronunciate use - it is very good!

you look handsome - wyglądasz przystojny

you look great! - Świetnie wyglądasz!

I like you too- ja też lubię cię or lubię cię też

You are sweet - Jesteś śliczny

What a you doing tonight? - Co robisz dzisiaj wieczorem?

I want to ask you out - Chciałabym umówić się z Tobą ;)

but they are kind of corny! I think you should just learn the basic Polish phrases like hello, goodbye, how are you, the time and days of the week etc, that will impress him more!

That's what I did anyway and I have been with Adam for 18 months now, though he thinks me learning Polish is pointless, I disagree!
12 Feb 2012
Language / Using first year Polish material from Uni Pitts and have questions about grammar please? [4]

I am using this material to learn Polish and I am up to lekcja czwarta. My boyfriend is Polish and has spotted many mistakes in the material, I just want clarification on this, as I don't want to believe that the learning material is wrong! :(

There is a statement which is being used to learn grammatical case:

"Jakie duze mrowki"
"Jakie duze motyle"
"Jakie duze dzdzownice"

These are supposed to be translated as "what big ants/butterflies/earthworms, however my boyfriend says this should be

"Jak duze sa mrowki"
"Jak duze sa motyle"
"Jak duze sa dzdzownice"

which then translates as "how big are the/those ants/butterflies/earthworms- and he says that the sentences in the learning material does not make any sense in Polish. Is this right? I am going to be very annoyed if I have spent the last few months of my life learning the wrong material :\ :(
11 Feb 2012
Life / Your favourite Polish Music Album [25]

Merged: Looking for good Polish music?

I want to find some good Polish music to listen to, as I have never heard any Polish songs really. My partner (who is Polish) has a rubbish taste in music! I would just like to hear some Indie/ Polish R n B? Can anybody recommend any good ones? or any artists who are famous in Poland?