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28 Nov 2011
Love / Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls? [138]

Hello there! Im an eastern european in Ireland, been living here almost all my life. Irish men love Polish women, for Irish men these ladies have something new and exotic that Irish ladies lack. I know plenty of Irish men who have married Polish women and seem to be to be happy! But they do say that Irish and Poles are extremely similar anyway :)
28 Nov 2011

Merged: Need Help!

Hey everyone, my boyfriends second name is Jarczewski and he is always insisting that it is an extremely old and aristocratic name.
Is this true? What does his name mean?
28 Nov 2011
Love / Polish guys opinion about Romanian girls? [23]

Hey everyone, just joined here so be easy on me!!
Basically, I am a Romanian girl with a Polish guy and I was wondering what the general opinion towards Romanians are?
My boyfriend told me that most Poles see Romanians just as "gypsies" and prostitutes...(not the view of the educated)
And on one occasion when Lukasz went to a party, some stupid guy (polish) who didnt even know either of us started a fight, solely based on the fact that my boyfriend was with a Romanian girl and they ended up in a fist fight (Lukasz winning!)

So, tell me, what are YOUR opinions on us??
28 Nov 2011
Love / Polish men like Latin girls? What do u find attractive in a girl physically & emotionally? [29]

I am a latin girl with a Polish boyfriend so this is only from my experience!
But our latin looks are quite different and "exotic" for the paler slavs and they find this attractive. For example, when I first started dating my man, all his friends and family were always telling him how "beautiful" I am when in reality I am really quite plain. I have typical brown hair and eyes and sallow skin..

I also have no problem with attracting attention from Polish men while from the local boys around here I am like a fly in the corner :P

Its all about what is exotic or different is desired :)
Do not worry :)