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31 May 2013
Work / Finding work as a junior programmer in Warsaw [19]

Last year I came to Poland on an Erasmus experience, and I ended up meeting a guy in Poland. We moved in together and I stayed for a year and a half in Poland. However, I still had to complete my university degree in my country. So, after a lot of deliberation, we decided to come to my country together so that I can finish my degree and try to build a life over here.

Now that we're back here, I'm remembering why I left in the first place. When you are far from a place, you only remember the good things. That's what made me think that we could build a life over here. But in reality it's different.

So here is my question. I would like to come back to Poland immediately after I finish my degree. I am studying to become a programmer. I would like to know the following:

a) Will I find work in Poland as a programmer without experience?
b) What would be the approximate salary I will be offered?

I am currently studying Polish for around 2 hour every day, I can read well however my understanding and speaking capabilities are still quite low, but I believe that in one year I will be able to understand 80% of conversations and be a bit more fluent.

I know that it would make more sense to stay here and get a bit of experience and then move back, however living here is taking its toll on us, and I do not want to put any roots in this country, because if I stay too long I will end up never having the courage to change the country again.

16 Oct 2013
Work / Living in Katowice (programmer, 3000 PLN) - is it enough? [65]

I tend to disagree that 3000 PLN is not enough to pass by in Warsaw.

Me and my partner lived for one year with 2500 PLN per month. We rented a room in Powisle and shopped at Carrefour and Biedronka. We used to go out for drinks twice a month. We has a regular subscription with a nearby pool. We used to shop for clothes at Factory in Ursus. We always had money to buy pharmaceutics and to go to the doctor. We were also able to go on a holiday twice in that year.

We were always comfortable, however, with 1000 PLN more every month I think we would have been able to move to a studio flat, and maybe indulge ourselves in more costly food. K

I know students who manage to get by with 1000 PLN per month, so I think 3000 PLN is quite enough for one person.
20 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Looking to buy property in Poland - understanding the different types of ownership! [10]

Hi everyone,

I am planning to purchase a flat in Warsaw in this year or the next, so I have been looking at websites such as to get an idea of the property market in Poland, specifically in Warsaw. I have been coming across the term cooperative ownership...from some Google translated websites I have understood that this means you don't actually own the apartment, you just own the right to live there. Can someone be so kind as too confirm if this is the case and maybe explain a bit more about any other options of ownership that one can have in Poland?

Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated!
21 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Looking to buy property in Poland - understanding the different types of ownership! [10]

So both ways of ownership means I have full ownership of the apartment? Does being a part of the housing association mean that I need to pay something more per month? I know that when you own a flat you need to pay every month some administration you need to pay the administration fee in both types of ownership or only in the second one?

By the way, thanks for your advice. I intend to find a lawyer once we commit to buy as both me and my fiancé are not familiar with the legal procedures involved.
27 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Negotiating a Mortgage for a new apartment in Poland [7]

Gzegorz, wonderful explanation, it answered a lot of questions I had re mortgages in Poland.

If I may ask another question re obtaining a mortgage in Poland; me and my fiancé are planning to purchase an apartment in Poland later on this year, as we are moving back to Poland. My partner is Polish and has had a bank account in Poland for all of his adult life. I have read in several places that we need to work for around 3 years before we are accepted for a home loan. Is this true? We intend to obtain jobs before applying for a mortgage however I don't know if we will be able to take the loan immediately or have to wait for some period of time.

With regards to deposit, do Polish banks require that you have saved a certain percentage of the total value of the loan?

28 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Is it possible to take out a mortgage/loan and buy a property in Poland whilst living abroad? [10]

I would like to ask anyone in this forum that has managed to take a loan and buy a property in Poland to share his/her experience.

As stated in other threads, me together with my fiancé live in a foreign country. I am currently attending school while he is working and earning around 4000zł gross. We want to buy an apartment costing between 380-420 thousand zł. I would like to know if it is possible to buy the apartment and take a loan from abroad and what the process entails.

We haven't chosen the property yet, however we have drawn up a list of possibilities and we plan to go to Poland for a week to see the properties. Would we need to contact the bank previously and find a bank that is willing to lend to us so that we can send the required documentation by e-mail and then just go to the bank while we are in Poland to sign the papers? Or would we need to go to Poland another time? Do we actually need to be physically in the bank to take the loan or everything can be arranged through internet?

Also, as I am not Polish (however my country is in the EU), would the bank find a problem to lend money to both me and my fiancé? We are ready to marry civilly before we apply for the loan if it would reduce problems in obtaining a loan, and then get married in a church later on.

Thanks for any help!
28 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Is it possible to take out a mortgage/loan and buy a property in Poland whilst living abroad? [10]

Yes, I'll try to contact some banks today. I hope I will not have problems communicating in English.

Yesterday, together with my fiancé, we contacted MBank. I am going to write down the answers to some of the questions I had for any future readers who have the same queries as me.

1. Can we take a home loan while living a working abroad?
Yes, it shouldn't be a problem. We need to have been working for longer than 6 months, have proof of income and have an indefinite contract.

2. Do we need to chose the house before we take the loan or after?
You can do it both ways. If you take the loan before hand, you have to present to the bank a property or land as collateral for the loan. The value of the property has to be equal or bigger than the amount of the loan. If not, you will need to chose the property and then apply for a loan.

3. Do we need to be married to take a loan as a couple?

4. Will there be any problems in obtaining a loan as I am a foreigner however an EU-national?
She mentioned three alternatives, but almost all of them pointed to the fact that either I am a polish resident or else I am registered in some town in Poland,

5. How much can we borrow?
She provided a simulation according to our income and any credit that we might have. Personal note - Polish banks tend to offer more credit than the ones in my country, so don't get carried away and be sure that you will be comfortable paying back the loan.

6. Can the loan process be done online?
We need to fill an application and send the required details and documents by e-mail or mail. A decision will be given after 9 days. We need to be physically there just to sign the papers when we are granted the loan.

The monthly repayment that this bank offered seemed to be a bit steep so we are going to continue shopping around to get the feel of other interest rates.

Side note: English speaking representatives are only available between 8:00 and 16:00.
14 Feb 2014
Law / Bank papers translated from English to Polish by a sworn translator? [6]


I need to have some bank papers translated from English to Polish by a sworn translator. The company I used last year charged me 140 PLN per sheet. I want to know if it is the norm or if I was ripped off as I'm a foreigner, and if you can suggest someone who is cheaper.

29 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

I need some information regarding preliminary contracts in Poland, specifically spółdzielcze własnościowe prawo do lokalu:

- what should I ask the owner of the apartment to provide me in terms of documents;
- what and how should I check information about the apartment in terms of debt;
- what is the cost of the notarial deed for the preliminary contract;
- indications of what needs to be included in the preliminary contract;
- any further info that I need to know about due to this type of ownership;
- if it is allowed for an EU foreigner to enter in such a contract;

Also, I would be very happy if someone could suggest a good helpful notary in Warsaw.
31 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

Thank you all for your advice.

inKrakow, you mentioned that one should make sure that the apartment has a registry entry. Why is it so important? What could happen if I bought a place that does not have a registry entry? Also, when talking about charges that the spółdzielnia sets do you mean the czynsz?

Also, does the notary have a pre-drafted standard contract? Is there opportunity to discuss/add any clauses to the contract? Does the notary explain what each clause means and what are the consequences?
17 Aug 2014
Life / English Speaking Vet in Warsaw? [8]

Could anyone recommend an inexpensive English speaking vet in Warsaw (preferably in Srodmiescie district)?