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English Speaking Vet in Warsaw?

babsetta 6 | 6
17 Aug 2014 #1
Could anyone recommend an inexpensive English speaking vet in Warsaw (preferably in Srodmiescie district)?
17 Aug 2014 #2
A couple of the vets at Animal-Med at Zytnia 15 speak English, give them a call and ask what day/time an English-speaking vet will be there. I can very much recommend the place.Ż
11 Sep 2014 #3
We use Stepien Waldemar tel. 722-3091, 601 317 639 - he has no clinic, and comes to your house. He speaks English very well. Not the cheapest, because he's making housecalls (200-250zl typically), but extremely useful if you have a sick pet and no car...

We have also used the clinic at Mochnackiego 17 - very inexpensive, friendly, and at least one of the vets speaks English.
Finn and Boomer
26 Feb 2015 #4
Dr. Gojska-Zygner from the clinic Multiwet, Gagarina 5. Make an appointment before the visit in the clinic multiwet
3 Mar 2015 #5
Another alternative,.
SGGW has an international vet program, teaches in English. They have an Animal Hospital on campus.
HedgeWitch - | 1
4 Mar 2015 #6
There's a good clinic on Częstochowska 20; (22) 824 29 46 -here's the map and GPS data
It's possible not to notice the clinic the first time - the entrance is from Białobrzeska street.
All the vets are really pleasant to talk with, same as the women working at the front desk, if there's a problem they will try to give you an appointment as fast as possible *and* they offer a wide range of specialists, including both dermatology and oncology.
19 Mar 2016 #7
Do any one know were the government vet hospital in warszawa is located or the contact of the hospital
jon357 74 | 22,257
20 Mar 2016 #8
Do you mean the place they train vets near ulica Grochowska? Or the Ministry of Agriculture vetinary service?

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