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17 Dec 2011
Food / Hip flasks in Poland [7]

Eh, I'm an idiot. Krakow. Thanks for the responses.
16 Dec 2011
Food / Hip flasks in Poland [7]

Where can I purchase a ladies Hip (Drinking) Flask? If that's not available, a regular flask will do provided it at least looks good, has a nice non-leaky seal, and is of good quality.

Is my best bet the Galeria?
2 Dec 2011
Love / Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls? [138]

littlejagoda: Irishmen in most large cities in the states will not have an 'Irish' accent.

Why, do they lose it when they walk through immigration?

Why the passive aggression? With the world getting smaller, people traveling more, having more access to international TV shows and sometimes emulating the American or British accents, the accents overall seem to be becoming a little more homogenized. So, Irishmen walking through immigration tend to have less of an accent than their rural brethren. Secondly, and most obviously, most 'Irishmen' found in large cities in the US are not first generation.
28 Nov 2011
Love / Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls? [138]

Lol, Irishmen in most large cities in the states will not have an 'Irish' accent. Obviously, there is no irish accent, and even within Dublin, you'll find at least three to five different prevalent accents depending on the socioeconomic background of the speaker.

You should definitely sign up for the exchange program. I think it'll be a lot of fun. It's kind of why I'm here.
26 Nov 2011
Food / British food products in Poland? [334]

Lol...this is hilarious...why would you want to subject yourself to british food on the continent when there is so much excellent french and italian to enjoy?!
24 Nov 2011
News / Famous Pickup Artist in Poland now [75]

my eyes were kind of logorrheic at that moment when I saw 190 cm of pure blueeyed Slavic- Mediterranean perfection

Entertaining story, but I couldn't follow the part written above...

Your eyes were garrulous? The best looking man was a wall hanging? The men there were perverts because they were in a brothel? I'm confused =/
24 Nov 2011
Language / Naming / Nicknames for Aleksandra or Alexandra? [24]

Why wait till she grows up, it's not going to change anything, blimey, my name is an old English name yet people always spell it wrong!

I'd go with x spelling and save the poor child a life of frustration...take it from someone who knows :)

23 Nov 2011
Life / Boy and girl names for mixed race baby, any suggestions? [19]

Rofl Olaf.

But, yeah, Modafinil is absolutely right and here are another couple of clips from freakonomics

As an ethnically mixed child, your kid will have enough trouble dealing with the small minded people of the world as it is. It would be better if you gave them a better education and help him/her build an interesting and unique personality than burden them with a unique name. Uncommon is good, unique isn't. Also, please make it a name that isn't easy to make fun of :).
17 Nov 2011
Love / How do I make a Polish girl cry? [107]

littlejagoda: your inflammatory statements alone disqualify you from being an alpha male
Evidently my "inflammatory statements" peaked your interest.


Making asinine statements doesn't turn you into an alpha male either.

littlejagoda: I see no p values showing statistical significance.
While statistics can be misleading they nevertheless, if used properly, can help us determine facts and help us make decisions.

Lol? First you claim to have empirical data to back you, then you attack statistics? Statistics are only misleading when they're used incorrectly, the most common being assuming a causal relationship when there is merely a correlation. The second most common - not accounting for confounding variables. I still don't see empirical data.

You seem uptight.

you really get a bug up your orifice at the slightest harmless comments

And you have the gall to claim that I resort to

tired old yet typical type of female put-down


Oh, and I thought you were being charitable with me. Thanks for spelling it out.

You're the one who mistook a neutral statement for a put-down.

It's interesting how you resort to banal attempts at humor once you realize that you don't have a single coherent argument against anything I said.

I'm done with you.
16 Nov 2011
Love / How do I make a Polish girl cry? [107]

If you only knew.......
I thought you showed more promise than this. Resorting to this tired old yet typical type of female put-down is unfortunately so typical of women who have lived in their small fishbowl. Sometimes there are so many women around me that I fear I might catch estrogen poisoning.

I'm not here for you to validate my intelligence. It wasn't a put down. My little fish bowl is 15 countries and counting...of which I have lived for extensive periods of time (for me, anyway) in three. Estrogen poisoning....infantile attempt at humor. Besides which, it doesn't even have a factual base. Do you think only women produce estrogen?

In other words, you don't agree with my logic based on extensive empirical experience and research and just plain living with women.

You make this claim, yet I see no proof of 'extensive empirical research'. I see no p values showing statistical significance. I see no experimental design, no null hypothesis. There will always be ******* and ********, but this is usually a result of poor coping mechanisms based off insecurities or just plain bad Cosmo for women and PUA forums for men.

Women who enjoy my company know 'where I'm coming from' and they seem to enjoy the alpha in me.

I cannot attest to the veracity or lack thereof of the first claim made in that sentence, but your inflammatory statements alone disqualify you from being an alpha male. A true alpha is above many of the 'extensive contributions' you have made to this forum (this is a put-down, just so you can tell the difference). I'm not a feminist, but neither am I of the school of thought that 'Women have it great'. I am cognizant of the hypocrisy that permeates our cultures in regards to both men and women.

I am also a patron of the arts and am quite proud of my ballroom dancing skills.

Donating money doesn't make you 'cultured'. Many of my parent's friends are 'patrons of the arts' only so they can get a tax break and prime seats to the NY philharmonic and the ballet in order to appear 'refined' and 'important'. I have only personally known one true patron of the arts, and he is magnificent (which doesn't mean that he doesn't have his own shortcomings). The reason I have stated this is that he is nothing like you show yourself to be. As for the ballroom dancing you really think that alone is enough to sustain the interest of any woman worth her salt? I think in part that is why some men have trouble with women ... they tend to view their abilities as discrete (ability to make a woman laugh, physique, socioeconomic status, ...) when women are more concerned with the whole as well as their compatibility with that whole. Not every women wants a ripped man, or a very rich man (I'm sure this will draw incredulity from you, but they tend to have their own particular baggage). Women who chase after discrete qualities are mere girls or just looking for a flig, at least that's the way I view it. I'm beginning to think that this is going to be an exercise in futility...I'll just stop here.
16 Nov 2011
Love / How do I make a Polish girl cry? [107]

however, most just swoon.


Seriously though, you should try to get to know some women as friends. Your view is quite warped. I find that a number of Polish girls are much more educated and down to earth than their American/British counterparts and also partake in a lot less drama. These women likely aren't the same ones you run across in clubs...Try a library, a concert, a play...whatever interests you so that you can hold up your end of an interesting conversation
15 Nov 2011
Love / How do I make a Polish girl cry? [107]

Lol. Wow.

Based on the insecurities my roommates...nose and shoulders are two very sensitive issues, even though their noses and shoulders might not be too big.
13 Nov 2011
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]

polkalover: Wentzl in Krakow,

I must disagree. The icecream at Wentzl is nothing to write home about. Far superior (though still not great) is Italia Lody across from Wentzl at the galeria. Everyone recommended 4D, but according to me, even Wentzl was better.
11 Nov 2011
Life / Gifts from Poland (I'm returning to my country after a year in Poland) [33]

I've had it at a bar in Kazimierz. I really liked the mellow high it gave. It doesn't taste and smell like crap (like beer does) and doesn't burn like bourbon or whiskey (although I do like the smokiness). In the winter, of course, I'd go with Henessey XO or JW Black, but it's a great summer drink imo. The way I like it is with crushed ice in a glass, pour the absinthe over a sugar cube on a spoon, and then light the cube and allow the caramelized sugar to drip in through the spoon. Keep diluting it with ice water as you drink lasts for me...I usually have one while my friends have had 3-4 beers.

The high is nothing like weed, except that it is quite mellow and you don't crash after (for me anyway). I want to clarify that I haven't had weed in Poland. Absinthe tastes like liquorice, so if you can't stand that it definitely isn't for you.
10 Nov 2011
Life / Gifts from Poland (I'm returning to my country after a year in Poland) [33]

Ah, found the chocolates at the galeria. Like an idiot, I was looking for them in my local convenience stores.

I'm pretty sure absinthe is legal in Poland, probably just not popular.It's just alcohol, after all. The hallucinogen stories are pure BS.The reason I want to take it is because it's a novelty and not easily available where my extended family lives. I find it suits me a lot better than wine/beer/whiskey (with the possible exception of JWBL), and hopefully they'll enjoy it as well. Any information would be appreciated.

I already picked up amber in Gdansk. That was a good idea. Thank you. I've already gifted the only person in my family who plays chess a set of onyx/jade, so that's out.

I'll look into linen next and statuettes.
Linen - What's my best bet for the best quality in Krakow (price a non-issue for linen, although 25 zl is great)?
Statues - I'm looking for a bargain here, so antique shops are probably out. Hala Targowa? Stary Kelparz? Someplace a little further?
7 Nov 2011
Life / Gifts from Poland (I'm returning to my country after a year in Poland) [33]

Merged: Gifts to take home from Poland for Christmas.

I've been wondering about gifts to take home from Poland (Krakow, specifically).

The obvious is Vodka and Kielbasa.

Next, I thought of absinthe - Anyone know the best (subjective, yes, I know) place to purchase, and the better brands?

I've been looking for the chocolate covered plums by Solidarność mentioned in another thread., but no luck so far. Anyone know where I can find them?

Finally, what are your opinions about what I should take back for the non-alcoholic/ non-sweetloving members of my family? ;) And children, of course, need something for all those neices and nephews (Ages 3-12).
6 Nov 2011
Travel / Dinner place suggestion in Krakow [17]

Thansk =). Pod Aniołami is outside my budget for a regular Sunday dinner. Until what time is UBM open on sundays?
6 Nov 2011
Travel / Dinner place suggestion in Krakow [17]

Merged: Late Sunday Dinner in Krakow

I spend most of sunday buried in books, so by the time I realize I'm hungry it's about this time. I'm getting fed up of running to Chimera for lukewarm and very average food at the salad bar. Any recommendations?

Edit: Ofcourse, I'm talking about the old town. Kazimierz is too far for just dinner, unless the food is exceptional =P
6 Nov 2011
Travel / Tips/suggestions/do's and don't of going to Poland....? [55]

polmed: Don`t expect here any reasonable answers , this place is designed as a trolling place
let's not make more out of this then what it is, now.
Instead of doing a little googling, and a little reading, the OP wants us to lay it all out for him
... so we're having some fun here.

You lot are hilarious.

I've been living here as a student for three months now in Krakow. It's just like any other small city. I'm not a huge fan of clubs or the opera so I'm quickly running out of things to do. The OP is attempting to make good use of a resource. 'A little googling and a little reading' are probably what brought him here. Guides like Frommer's are hardly useful for people who aren't into the usual touristy crap. I think the best thing Krakow has to offer is its people. I don't mean native Krakovians, I mean Poles from other regions who have moved to Krakow. They tend to be better spoken and are generally more personable. Native Krakovians are singular in that they seem dejected a lot of the time but do their damnedest to have a good time after work. It's almost like someone's described to them how you're supposed to have a good time, but they've never seen/experienced they're acting it out...It's tough to articulate. Maybe I'm imagining things, or just full of it...or maybe I've made one too many trips to Absynt XD

PS: I would be careful about wearing certain colors associated with football teams in certain neighborhoods. Other than that, avoid the skinheads (especially on trams, because there's no place to run - I actually saw 1 guy get beat up on a tram). The beggars are the most laid back I've seen anywhere in the world. They make almost no effort. Anything within or around the Main Square is likely overpriced and/or sub-standard. If you're short on funds, Milk Bars are the way to go (around 2zl for soup and 4-8 for most dishes). You can also try the cafeteria in the library (10 zl for soup + dish of the day) In the old town, check out the market in Hala Targowa. If you're out late, better than the kebab shops is Pizza or pierogi on the northwest corner of the square or Sausage from the van in Hala Targowa (8zl). When taking a taxi, try sticking to Radio taxis. Avoid the obvious bar/hotel scams. Kazimierz also has it's own little market square for produce etc. I'm not a huge fan of Namaxa's Zapiekankas, though. Haha I'm not sure how much of this will be of any use to I'll stop now.
6 Nov 2011
Food / Is chocolate popular in Poland? [52]

Accept nothing but Solidarność chocolate plums.

Could you possibly tell me some places in Krakow where I'd find them?