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31 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

Interesting quotes today:

Mariusz Sokołowski, a spokesperson for the Chief of Police, expressed his disappointment that the documentary did not include Polish data concerning stadium security.

"The police department was asked to provide information for the BBC journalists, but that data was not included because it did not fit the angle of the program" stated Mr Sokołowski."

Let's be honest, the BBC decided the story they wanted to tell and then went looking for the evidence, very selectively.
28 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

I'd like to see you find the statistics for all the cities which will host Euro 2012 matches. I suspect you'll find that between them they can notch up a few more than 99 murders.

Britain's violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa - widely considered one of the world's most dangerous countries

Perhaps the UN and European Commission who compiled the statistics are completely wrong though and you are right.
28 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

Britain never quite learnt how to shake off the delusion of superiority from the days of the empire

Whilst Poland and Ukraine have issues to address, other countries could provide the same analysis of Olympics host city London

Over the last 12 months in London

99 murders

3,325 rapes

63,655 Residential burglaries

What is considered normal in Britain isn't acceptable in other countries.

Those in glasses houses surely should think twice before throwing stones .

Time to stop lecturing the rest of the world and deal with your own problems first.
27 Apr 2012
Law / Credit for British in Poland? [10]

Don't touch them with a bargepole. They are a set of leeches on the poor. It's a scandal

Let's all sing together....'Oh comrades come rally........'

As I recall, they don't hold guns to people's heads when signing contracts.

Businesses taking advantage of the poorly educated and fools is nothing new.
27 Apr 2012
Law / Credit for British in Poland? [10]

Depends what you need I guess

British financier should be able to help you increase your difficulties if you have them :)

More seriously with regular banks- go joint with your wife/gf/bf and use his/her family home as security if you are unable to provide your own.
23 Apr 2012
News / Why is PO still in power? [9]

Ruch Palikota? I prefer them to the others, but they need a direction.

The current strategy is working beautifully, no need to change it.

Pick up the disenchanted, single issue voters, and build it up.

It can be evolved into the 'party for change' closer to the election.

Politics doesn't need to be about principals- your Winston Churchill was right: "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Learn how to manipulate and ride public opinion.... that's all its about..
23 Apr 2012
News / Why is PO still in power? [9]

Sometimes it feels like Poland is waiting for the next political movement to come along

You mean say like a party which was created less than a year ago and now has 42 MP's?

Ruch Palikota is just plugging a gap.

I didn't expect you to have your head in the sand quite so much...Palikot will be part of a ruling coalition next Parliament.

The arrogance of the establishment does his work for him...
23 Apr 2012
News / Should Poles care who becomes French President or is it irrelevant? [45]

the real effects will come through France's influence in the EU.

Very true. Sarkozy had himself firmly nailed to the 'more europe' mast when it came to fixing EU made problems such as the Euro.

As the Euro-zone falls apart, it could be useful to have a French President not so heavily personally invested in the whole project.
20 Apr 2012
Life / Teenage Pregnancy in Poland [108]

Having been to Poland 3 times I didnt notice a huge amount of pram pushing teens..that I come across in major cities in the UK...

Give it some time.

Countries don't degrade into anything goes neo-liberal hand wringers overnight... Poland has some time before it falls to the level of the UK concerning teenage pregnancy rates and crime
11 Apr 2012
News / Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland [472]

Thereby guaranteeing a win for PO.


As PO and PiS fight the same old battles which young Poles are tired of, the way is clear for Ruch Palikota to shake up Polish politics

It just depends which position Janusz wants. I suspect it is Prime minister.

The arrogance of the ruling classes is one of RP's biggest assets
31 Mar 2012
Love / Prevention of child abduction by Polish mother. [232]

I should say that I am not married to the mother, nor at present on the birth certificate

If only sex/family planning education contained some simple advice , such situations could be easily avoided.


-> Before having unprotected sex, at least consider the possibility of this resulting in a child. Think carefully and discuss with your partner if you are happy with the idea you may have a child together and the responsibilities that go with that

-> Ensure you have a long term stable relationship with appropriate family network. Children are hard work and expensive. Fixing 'mistakes' or custody cases in court is expensive and emotionally difficult.

In neo-liberal 'anything-goes' Britain,values of the 1940's and 1950's seem to have been forgotten. The cost to society of the absence of any morals is significant- research concerning the impaired life outcomes for children of single parents is particularly saddening.

The RC church is very easily attacked, but some of their ethical standpoints concerning marriage are surprisingly valid. You don't have to be a religious zealot to have some basic common sense...

As for advice OP. in your mess, hire the best lawyers you can afford and hope for the best.
12 Mar 2012

Delph- considering your bigotry towards Polish Americans and utter hatred of the RCC perhaps it should be live and let live? Glasshouses & stones and all that eh?
8 Mar 2012
Law / British managers superior to Polish [52]

British managers in lets say the Banking industry did a marvellous job, they managed to get the law changed to allow them to produce wealth. Everything they asked for was given to them yet the great bankers managed to almost bankrupt the British economy.

To be fair to the British Barney, the Americans devised most of the toxic sub-prime CDS's and so forth which created the mess.... The Brits were just stupid enough to buy them
5 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]


I'm glad you didn't try to defend the cheap jibe at the workers.. glad you are finally seeing some sense.




the whole thing is a complete and total diaster.

Its evident from your comments you have nothing but hyperbole to add to the debate. The shrill squeal of a keyboard warrior taking information from a blog. You need to realise that blogs are written to attract readers and that doesn't always involve giving a balanced, objective account of the facts.

PKP IC and PR do some things well and others not so well. Same as DB, Russian Railways or even your school.

PR successes are in the same bracket as 'government efficiently completes XYZ project' in terms of news/blogs: who wants to read something mundane and mildly positive?? Bad news /controversy sells - the masses like something to complain about.

Clearly you have not read recent financial reports on PR to be familiar with the current financial situation.

Some appreciation of the complexity of the task and considered analysis would do you a service, compared to tabloid hyperbole soundbites
5 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

Evidently you have no experience in the train industry whatsoever. Firstly you have no understanding of how large an organisation a PKP was, and the complexity of it. Break up was always going to cause problems. Perfect solutions are only available to keyboard warriors, not in the real world.

The cheap worker jibe is a tired old neo-liberal media line. Its easy because it doesn't involve any thinking. In any business there are good and bad people. There are good and bad teachers in your school. Fact of life.

If we want to find a failed railway system, we need to look no further than Britain- the most expensive railway in Europe, overcrowded with ticket prices rising 8%+ every year.

Privatisation was a miracle for a dozen mega-rich transport moguls!
25 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Being ashamed of Polish ancestry? [156]

I'm not sure how trying to negate everything a poster writes has anything to do with this thread, where the chap is discussing Polish Ancestry

You could start a thread 'Explaining my bigoted views towards Polish-Americans' to deal with your own issues, no?
25 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Being ashamed of Polish ancestry? [156]

Polonius3: And the lavish Polish-American wedding

You mean the "dreadful, tasteless, over the top display of garishness and debt"?

How many Polish-American weddings have you been to Michael?

Here we have a chap who is apparently proud of his ancestry- isn't that something to celebrate rather than attack?
2 Feb 2012
Life / What is wrong with Poznan? [197]

I stumbled across this interesting news story -

Let's be honest you were desperately searching for it!
2 Feb 2012
UK, Ireland / Unemployed Poles in Ireland : a crash course in milking the system [323]

Surely xenophobic hatred of the worst kind by Jimmy Harte?

Do Irish senators have immunity from prosecution? He must surely know that joining the EU means giving up any control over European migration.

Don't worry Senator Harte , increasing EU integration will mean your hatred will become ever more irrelevant.
30 Jan 2012
News / Icy blast cleans the streets of the homeless in Poland.. [63]

that's so nasty. Even your thread title refers to the homeless as dirt.
Homelessness can happen to anyone, whether through mismanagement, addictions, or pure bad luck.
One day you could be sleeping on a park bench yourself.

You make a good point, indeed my questions were phrased to create debate.

Namely, we can all wring our hands behind a shiny laptop computer in a warm apartment with a glass of chardonnay, but implicitly you and nearly everyone else agree with the 'street cleaning' metaphor as we simply ignore the problem or don't even allow it to enter our minds. That has to be true- it would only take a few hundred people across the country who cared to eradicate homelessness for good.

But the reality is,we are fast becoming like any other capitalist country- happily trampling over the poor, to hell with anyone else, in our desperate chase for an extra dollar.
30 Jan 2012
News / Icy blast cleans the streets of the homeless in Poland.. [63]

Another harsh winter spell, and another spate of deaths amongst the homeless community

Is this a tragedy, or nature's way of removing life's failures from the world?

Do the homeless lack someone to stand up for them in the media, compared to other groups?
29 Jan 2012
Language / Community interpreting/public service interpreting in Poland [13]

The current system works rather well

The language of Poland is Polish.

If you choose to live/work in Poland, either learn the language or have the intelligence to have a bi-lingual secretary to help out.

I can see that 'Community interpreting' would be a lucrative new market for interpreters, but why should hard working polish taxpayers fund this?

We can only hope that such madness doesn't invade our country.

Perhaps we should ask the inhabitants of Poland 'B' if they would be happy with relatively wealthy foreigners demanding such services?!

Some people have no shame
28 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

No, we don't support PiS, we simply disagree with your arrogant, know it all attitude. The very man who claims to be a political expert is one who can't even hold a political debate in the language of our land!!!!

Among the uneducated US Polonia - yes.

All we know from this thread is as before-

->your absolute hatred for US Polonia
->your obsession against PiS, anyone who disagrees with you is a default PiS supporter!

We know your vile opinions already...thanks.
25 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

What's even more amusing is watching all the PiS supporters go on the attack instead of talking about the topic. Par for the course, and nothing surprising.

Who did you vote for in last year's general election?

Oops that's right your a opinionated Brit who can't even debate with any politician in the language of our country :)