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2 Jun 2012
History / What do Polish people think of Palestinians? [20]

@ HyperTyper :

InshaAllah you will spend lovely time in Poland. I have been there many times, never had an issue except while communicating.

Enjoy your studies & be proud of what you are.

5 Feb 2012
Travel / Any Halal Restaurants in Krakow? [34]

@ Teflcat:

Hahaha Yeah I know how to cook but I'm visiting Krakow for a week :P Thanks for the info dude.
5 Feb 2012
Travel / Any Halal Restaurants in Krakow? [34]

Yeah I was in July last year and was eating just salad, as I could not find any. Well thanks for the info.
9 Oct 2011
Love / Virtual Relationship of an Asian girl with a Polish man [43]

Hey Phi,

I suggest you, not to expect much in long distance relationship, be cool. I'm on the same boat :) My GF lives in Krakow and Myself in Dublin. I visit her every two months and it is running smooth. I think he is saving money by not texting you quite often :), I use my polish number as incoming text is free while you are on roaming and we are in touch almost all the time.

Ask him to send one sim card for you & it will be handy for him to text you & you can reply from your national number to him.

Well, I wish you good luck.

24 Sep 2011
Real Estate / Can a Non-European buy house in Poland? [14]

Hello Everyone.

One of my friend who works with me is selling his house in Lódz. I have been to Poland thrice and visited his place too. He is selling it for the same price he bought as he is moving to different city. I was wondering can I buy a house in poland?

Note : I have no intention to become European citizen, so take it easy with that. I just love Krakow, zako-pane and I would like to visit more places.

Thanks for your comments :) Have a nice weekend.
4 Sep 2011
Life / The Blame Game (Have you ever noticed that a Polish person is never wrong!?) [205]

@ MediaWatch :

If you are referring to me, I do not hate average Russians.

Dude I was not refering to anyone, I met many people who say even my GF talk a lot against them. She call them "Red Army with Polish blood". We discuss about this issue most of the time, and she never give up.

She is too young & I dont understand what made her think like that. I think her family discuss about this issue a lot.

Regarding report on the Smolensk crash, It could to be something to do with Jet failure which is common these days. But NO, polish media says it was a russian plane & plan to kill the president of poland. Media plays a major role in spreading false information. My friends, media is business now a days to increase their TRP.

Sorry if I hurt anyone through my post.
3 Sep 2011
Love / Polish girls, how are they when they are in love? [86]

@ Seanus :

There are millions of men sailing on same boat... lol

If you advise them, they think you are dominating, and if you dont then you are not doing anything., hahah
If you agree to all their likes, you are sweet..if u dont, you are not understanding. :)
If they ask u anything, its their right & if u do the same, you are interfering.
If they care, they love you....and if you do, you are possessive.

Its true that women are hard to understand.

Have a nice day.
2 Sep 2011
Love / Polish girls, how are they when they are in love? [86]

They are confused all the time. My GF is sometimes more caring & strange.
She quarrel if I ask her any question but she always blame me for something which I didn't do.
She text or call when she wants to, but when I want to text or call, then she says I can't talk right now. haha

Well, I think she need more time to understand, anyway my love towards her is gradually decreasing with her strange behaviour.

Have a nice day guys.
1 Sep 2011
Travel / Mosques in Krakow? [131]

Hi All,

There is a place in Krakow where you can pray. The address is as follows. :)

The Studium Jezyka Polskiego of the Politechnika Krakowska University of Technology, 1 Skarzynskiego street, Krakow.

Please do remember me in your prayer.

Jazakallah khaire.