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18 Jul 2011
USA, Canada / Where on the net can I buy Polish language books/novels/math in the US? [26]

This is to Barbara Zakrzewska,,

Could you be relative to Roland Rundzjo of Long Beach, CA.? I'm sorry to just pop up on a blog and ask you such a personal question, I have a very important matter to discuss with Mr. Rundzjo.

I don't want to display his confidential and private affairs on a public network, if you could please contact me so I can explain the urgency of this matter I would greatly appreciate it. You can reach me by email at: eslmelesl@yahoo and I will return a message with my phone number. I will be in great hopes for response, Thank you.


(I was very impressed with your husbands accomplishments after living through the horrors of the Holocaust. Such an evil place and time for a young boy...)