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Where on the net can I buy Polish language books/novels/math in the US?

24 Jul 2007 #1
Is there an internet store where I can buy Polish language books/novels for delivery in the US? Thanks for any response!
Marzena 2 | 122
24 Jul 2007 #2
Are you looking for books to learn Polish? You can find pretty much everything on
Eurola 4 | 1,902
24 Jul 2007 #3
You may try to contact Polonia Bookstore in Chicago.
bookratt 6 | 85
26 Jul 2007 #4
If in the US, go to Borders Books and ask the SPO clerk to special order, for only the cost of the book--no order or shipping fees--whatever titles you want. You should only order titles you intend to buy--this service is not a "look see"or "free library"service, but is a good one to try.

I used to do the special orders at my local Borders. They are faster and cheaper than Barnes and Noble and since no shipping costs are passed on to you, for one or two inexpensive books they are usually cheaper than Amazon. They have agreements with foreign book publishers and distributors in some cases, not just book wholesalers like Baker & Taylor.

They can buy an overstock book from a book warehouse/depository, or get it from a vanity press or the author, from a museum (in which case you may be asked to prepay) or get stock from other Borders stores.

Try also,, or google for Harvest Books, Abe Books and the NY location of Jay's Book Stall.
12 Aug 2007 #5
Try This is a good start. If you're interested in Polish movies you can also go to Hope this helps.
sledz 23 | 2,248
12 Aug 2007 #6
Dom Książki
House of Books, Inc

There in Chicago
13 Aug 2007 #7
I looking polish bookstore or antiq in orange county, California. Please when know who finding writte me Thank you
jnowiski 2 | 121
13 Aug 2007 #8
intraweb (internet)
19 Aug 2007 #9
O.K - internet:
10 Sep 2008 #10
does anyone know of any polish book clubs? the ones where you can buy like 5 books for a penny kind-of-thing???
17 Oct 2008 #11
My girlfriend got me jetBook - an electronic book reader. It comes with many Polish books downloaded and has a built-in dictionary. Really cool. They give you also links to free electronic books, but I am still reading my first book...
5 Apr 2010 #12

You can buy polsich books in Germany:
Low prices, shipping costs to USA: 13,90€ = 19 $
Best regards
21 Nov 2010 #13
If you want to buy some polish books try this:
23 Nov 2010 #14
And then there is always your local public library. You'll be shocked to find that many library systems have all kinds of books in Polish. Happy reading.
13 Jan 2011 #15
I recommend a book in Polish language entitled "Moja Ameryka" by Kleofas Hubert Rundzjo (my husband) published in 2010 in Poland (pages 247, ill.). The author had a very interesting life. Born in Poland before the WW2 (now this is Bialorus), after the war moved to Poland, in 1952 as a 17 year old young pupil put to the prison for underground political activity, than thanks to Stalin's death released from the prison 2.5 years later. Studied Turkish and History of Art in Warsaw University. Escaped to USA in 1965. Studied Russian Language in Boston, than made a doctorate at Brown University, Providence, R.I. In 1970 moved to Long Beach, CA, gived the lectures on Russian language in several California universities. Then real estate investor. Currently lives in Houston, Texas. You can order a book by sending $15 money order or check to Kleofas Rundzjo, 1931 Redway Ln, Houston, TX 77062. You can order more than one book (even 100).

Barbara Zakrzewska,
Pinching Pete - | 554
14 Jan 2011 #16
Born in Poland before the WW2 (now this is Bialorus), after the war moved to Poland, in 1952 as a 17 year old young pupil put to the prison for underground political activity, than thanks to Stalin's death released from the prison 2.5 years later.

Sounds like an incredible life. I'd like to read that book myself.
George8600 10 | 631
14 Jan 2011 #17
You may try to contact Polonia Bookstore in Chicago.

omg thank you!

edit: noooo the link doesn't work, fix please. :-D I need a polish bookstore nearby. :-(
lbc_renee562 - | 1
18 Jul 2011 #18
This is to Barbara Zakrzewska,,

Could you be relative to Roland Rundzjo of Long Beach, CA.? I'm sorry to just pop up on a blog and ask you such a personal question, I have a very important matter to discuss with Mr. Rundzjo.

I don't want to display his confidential and private affairs on a public network, if you could please contact me so I can explain the urgency of this matter I would greatly appreciate it. You can reach me by email at: eslmelesl@yahoo and I will return a message with my phone number. I will be in great hopes for response, Thank you.


(I was very impressed with your husbands accomplishments after living through the horrors of the Holocaust. Such an evil place and time for a young boy...)
15 Dec 2011 #19
I have recently used this page: Their prices are the best among the bookstores I've already tried and they deliver to every place in US and Canada. They have such a wide variety of books that one can get lost if not knowing what to order :)

I ordered some textbooks and they arrived really quickly.
Mr Fluffek
5 Jan 2012 #20
just wanted to mention a newly released book - its the story of a young man forced to fight for the wermacht as a tank driver

during the second world war - or having his family sent to a concentration camp. like many Poles from northern Poland who were "Germanized" This story tells the story of one such man Czeslaw Knopp who reached Stalingrad only to find himself on the allied side at the end of the war under general Anders. For many years, these people were considered to be collaborators, but at last the truth can be told. After the war, he found himself in England, married and had eight children. He is 89.

may we never forget.....
Available att the
6 Oct 2013 #21
I have lots of polish books if anyone is interested. Horrors ,suspense,crime...I live in NY state. For more info email me at akcbsh@gmail
Bikerjenko 2 | 28
7 Oct 2013 #22
I live in Poland and have used
I am sure they will mail to you
Jardinero 1 | 402
12 Oct 2013 #23
Based in PL and have great selections, low prices, and will ship to US - if your order is sizable it is definitely worth it, just do the math (for small orders I would use one of the domestic sellers mentioned above).
mol_ksiazkowy11 - | 1
24 Nov 2014 #24
Merged: I'm interested in Polish books and I'm looking for sale - Black Week instead of Black Friday - where?


i'm interested in polish books and i'm looking for some special sale or discount in bookstore ( So far I've found They have 2 options to choose: 5% discount or free shipping (USA, Canada, Australia and Poland). I'm going to use this but first I'd like to ask if you know about something similar?

For everybody who want to try: there are two special codes: for 5% it's BLACKRABAT2, for free shipping: BLACKSHIPPING2. You can use it during payment :) They are valid 23.11.2014-01.12.2014
Looker - | 1,134
27 Nov 2014 #25
Check yet Barnes&Noble special offer:

30% Off One Item or Buy 1 get 1 50% Off

They also have several Polish titles.
zielony las
27 Oct 2015 #26
Merged: Looking for Polish books about pure math

Hi I am living in Canada but I am looking to trying to learn about pure math in the polish language. Any advice where I could find such books to order from online? Maybe I can even buy a kindle or some e-reader if there is an electronic format, but a hardcopy would be great as well.


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