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24 May 2018
Law / Beware of this website called [24]

There is a service called Polaron which I thought was the same as because all the forms you fill out out are exactly the same. Why not go straight to the source in Poland so I thought. After getting in contact with Polaron's owner I got told that they had copied all of their material and there is not much they can do about it unless they spend a lot of money on legal costs. I'm afraid this Roman dude if that's his real name is just going to go on with his scam as I think he has done his research on how hard it will be to close him down.
6 Feb 2012
Australia / Looking for Poles around Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast [14]

Join the Polish club in Milton. Heaps of people there to talk to. I have only been there once for a Polish dance and display by the traditional dancers and loved it. They really made my wife and myself welcolme (even after finding out she is Russian!) I was born in Melbourne and can't speak Polish, it does not matter. Nice people.
15 Aug 2011
Life / Have many Poles had enough of one another? [198]

There is this idealism that somehow things will be better but life's what you make it.

Totally agree with you.

I know plenty Poles that would disagree with you, bris.

Maybe it's a generational thing, the newer generations might have different thoughts but my fathers generation certainly didn't.
15 Aug 2011
Life / Have many Poles had enough of one another? [198]

That's strange because among Poles there is a stereotype that Poles abroad eagerly use other Poles, so it's better to watch out and keep away from them.

Do you think that it may be something of a rumour started during Soviet times to keep them in Poland that is still believed nowdays? Certainly not what I have witnessed.
5 Aug 2011
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [402]

What's your connection with Poland?

Father was Polish. Have relatives in Poland. I want to walk the earth of my father's mother land. Father's family history goes back more than 400 years in the same area. Absolutly fascinating to me.
26 Jul 2011
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

I would like everyone to know my story. It will make sense that this thread means nothing. There is no hate, just political mistrust. My father is Polish with a family history in the area where he was born going back 400 years. He spent 6 years as a prisoner of war in Germany. He was released by the British and stayed on keeping law and order in Germany for a futher 3 years as a mlitary policeman in the British army where he took on a German wife. (My mother) He found out that he could not go home because the Soviets would throw him in jail in Siberia so he moved to Australia with his wife and German born first son. Ties with family in Poland were cut in 1957 after the demands for money from half sisters and cousins could not be tolerated anymore. He was stuggling to make a life with now 2 sons and 4 years later 3 sons (me). I married a Russian with a back ground of Ukrainian and Cossack blood. My father while still alive adored my wife. My daughter has a good mix of hated by someone blood. My brother (the German born one) made contact with my cousins family back in Poland in 2009. A emotional reunion came about 9 months later. My cousin thought he was the oldest of our clan but was over the moon to find out that his Aunt (my mother) was and still is alive. He calls her from Poland to Australia once a week on average, more than what I do and I only live 2km from her. YOUR HATRED FOR GERMANS, RUSSIANS AND ALL THE REST OF RACES MENTIONED IN THIS THREAD IS CRAP! The proof in my family. I grew up in Melbourne in a mix of European families that inter mixed and blended in together. Take Europeans away from there homelands for whatever reason and watch them work together for the best outcome possible regardless of where in Europe you came from. Austalia is proof of that. Now for me a trip to Poland is coming. I want to walk on the earth where my father was born. Do I feel Polish? Yes very but I don't forget my mothers side either. Thanks for reading my story.
20 Jul 2011
Australia / Polish football teams in Australia? [5]

There used to be one in the western suburb of Albion in Melbourne. Maybe the Sunshine one is the same. Used to be Polonia of Maribynong.