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22 May 2007
Love / Is it common for a Polish woman to date multiple men at the same time? [46]

Hey there,

Not stereotyping at all but the polish women I've run into do date many men but when they commit to a relationship they usually try to remain devoted to one. But its not only polish its every girl in my city called chicago. I have noticed that polish women do integrate well into my city's dating culture. And in general its always date multiple partners until to you agree to committ to one.

Some other cultures that have not integrated yet though usually date in one at a time in rapid succession meaning that they decide really fast after they meet you if they would like to be romantic or not. To each his own I guess. Plenty of luck!
5 May 2007
Love / Why are Polish women so sexy ? [390]

Why are polish women so sexy? Maybe their long legs and sweet and respectful behaviour. I am still looking for the aggressive polish girl because there is nothing sexier then a woman who fights for what she wants.



I am curious though.......anyone know how latvians and lithuanians fair next to polish women? Are they closer to polish culture? Russian? Or do they have a different character all their own?

3 May 2007
Love / Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her [620]

I don't know how to respond to this either. My last romanian girlfriend was very offensive when telling other men to go away.....actually got them so mad they almost got physical with her.....and then she turns to me and says......" are the must do something." I mean loyal is good but dead loyal is bad. I've got to say though, ever since I 've dated this polish girl.....things haven't been too exciting then again my life hasn't been endangered either. ;) To each his own I guess.

2 May 2007
Love / Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her [620]

Hi Ken,

Think about it as making payments. Or financing your love here for this girl. Good start by the way. A few different words everyday and eventually she'll feel comfortable enough and by then you can express yourself. If she speaks polish to you then awesome!! Ok then what do you do? Wave the book and say "still learning" with a genuine smile. Ofcourse forget it when you actually know the language. Good Luck!

So don't worry if she has a boyfriend or a whatever. The point is trying. Remember some of those classical statues of roman emperors? Some weren't Brad Pitt or George Clooney but they had confidence and then power. So my friend, be confident. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.
1 May 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Its all interesting really. I guess in general a person can conform to the cultural stereotypes or they can act as an individual. When your experience is with a woman who conforms then I guess you can speak of the stereotype but not every single individual. Its interesting on how Poland's culture has come onto now. I mean the country of mini kingdoms turned into a country then part of the eastern bloc then now the buffer between the west and the east. I always allow myself to be corrected as I am still learning about Poland itself.

And southern I checked and you are right in part. Romania is ethnically latin. A small percent are gypsy while the rest of the population is ethnically descendant upon the actual ancient romans (all can be argues since the european wars since its fall) and the minority are hungarians and germans. I did get a feel that when europeans here of romania they instantly think gypsies which has probably been well marketed over the decades.

So in summation I think its still to be scene how Polish women will be. Probably the true test for the rest of eastern europe as they are in constant growth and assimilation with neighboring countries like Germany, Spain and Italy places where economies are self sustaining and their influencing cultures as well. I love france but will not mention their economy as of yet. Sorry I ran off the subject a little!!
30 Apr 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Thanks for the correction. I just wanted to get the quoted argument straightened out:


Quoting: southern
And because of this good soul,not spoiled they make good wives.

Are you not drunken something like that?

How can a girl make a good wife, if she sleeps with others?"
30 Apr 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Ok. This is awesome thanks for the eyeopener. Ok my experience in romania, (from what I hear its the only latin european country in eastern europe) the women are so posessive that if you even look at another girl it could mean BIG TROUBLE with her and she understands likewise. If you cheat you break the deal. Relationship over. We will all accept that better propositions will happen and some may choose to leave...fine.

So I just wanted to solidify that Slavic countries, its ok to sleep with other people and come back home to your wife or husband as long as they do not know?
30 Apr 2007
Love / Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her [620]

Hi Ken!

Can you tell us a little more? Do you say hello on a regular basis? All I can say now is a wonderful smile and honest eyes are a great way to start. Don't go for success all at once, take one step at a time and see if she feels you too. Language barrier?? If you can get her attention and keep it this shouldn't be a problem. I once loved a girl so much I bought a dictionary and took it with me to translate words on the spot. She found it cute and it goes a long way when you demonstrate that much effort. She wasn't polish but in general the response should be the same. But sounds good and I looking to hear more!!

Thanks and good luck!