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1 Feb 2011
Love / Men and Women from Eastern Poland [37]

Eastern Poles have some ugly towns and can be quite poor

Shifting borders ...E Poland is also Western Russia / Ukraine / Bialrus and some say N Israel?
29 Jan 2011
News / New Polish Light Tank - Anders [74]

Considering the geography of our country (that it's mainly flat lowlands

Weren't there Nuke Mines for just such vehicles-just a few short years ago,when you were the 'Enemy'???
26 Jan 2011
Polonia / Life in Poland vs Norway - good for children, benefits, etc? [43]

left Poland to go and live in Norway

I've lived in both and there's NO comparison-Norway's consistently rated in the top three countries in the world to live in - deservedly so, too. It's so amazingly civilised and caring that countries generally thought to be 'developed' seem quite primitive by comparison.

Scandinavia is just so much nicer than everywhere else,particularly Norge...END
24 Jan 2011

Why is it then , that Poland , which has more than its fair share of god botherers..has so many racists...???

Perhaps remembering a history of Poland being run by Jews for Jews and then being hermetically sealed under Communism hasn't helped enlighten them???...I could be wrong
22 Jan 2011
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

i pay respect to russian rapers j

Let's not forget the russian gang bangers 'keeping it all real'???
21 Jan 2011
Travel / PKP (Polish National Railway) is a turn off [47]

I have already had a couple exchanges with the service people since my arrival, but it gets really bothersome after a while.

Actually,it's called 'Polish Reality'...Learn to live with it
21 Jan 2011
Love / Polish girlfriend may be pregnant - what girls from Poland think on having a child without marriage? [54]

How ridiculous...why don't you ask her for her thoughts instead of plastering it on a Forum???
If it's unwanted there are many options...personally, I would advise keeping it and getting rid of YOU/you're hardly 'Daddy' material/
Babies can be given up for Adoption - They can be Fostered until you're mature enough to provide - They can be sold to Wanting parents - They can be Aborted...An option your own Mother shoud've given more thought to
20 Jan 2011
Travel / Best way to get from Lodz to Warsaw? [48]

Ride into the Center on the 175 bus(be alert for pickpockets) get off at the Marriott, down into
the subway outside of 'Champions' come up on the otherside of the road ...go straight on keeping the Central Station to your right and you'll see the 'Holiday Inn' on the left side of it'll be lots of white mini vans that'll be more than happy to accomodate both you and your baggage(they've got trailers)-and quite possibly get you to Lodz both cheaper, faster and cleaner than the trains
19 Jan 2011
Australia / Your new PM, A question for Aussies, and anyone living there. [20]

her voice is an acquired taste...thats what happens when you grow up in the blue collar suburbs of melbourne

-Not only, it'd seem that 'lifts' have left her without facial expression and a dysfunctional mouth..
Reminiscent of Barry Manilow although he's far prettier.
18 Jan 2011
Love / Do Polish women talk too much? [72]

Not more than usual I'd say , but, trying to find one that's halfway interesting could take a while.