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2 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Changing Polish Documents - Moving from Poland to UK [11]

My wife-to-be will be moving to England next year to live with me. She pointed out that she would have to change her key documents to her new name and address (passport, ID card, etc.)

However, she said that she will need to sign for them to collect them.

From this I can see a few problems...
1. I am not sure when we will be able to get back to Poland again (could be 6 months or more)
2. Do we really have to travel back to Poland just to sign for an ID card or Passport? Is it not possible to send it to England, and if a signature is necessary, do it at a Polish consulate for example?

3. I am assuming they will want her to return the old documents before sending the new one's. How will she travel to England with no passport.

Please forgive my ignorance, but to me it feels there are many un-necessary bureaucracies in Poland.
19 Apr 2012
Language / Please recommend Polish Children's DVD's [2]

I have a niece who I would love to learn Polish. It is very difficult trying to teach her by talking to her. I would love to get some Polish DVD's that she can watch regularly and learn the basics. She knows next to nothing at the moment.

She is three years old right now and she was picking up French from her friend at nursery, so I think she will be able to learn it.

If you don't know of any DVD's at the moment, then some children's TV programmes where she can learn the basics would be good and I will try to source them.

Thank you in advance.
10 Jan 2011
Language / What are the best Polish - English Dictionary and Learning Books? [22]

I would like to know what peoples opinions are on what are the best Polish to English dictionaries are? I mean the physical book type dictionaries, not online.

I am looking to spend about £20-30 but would be good to know other options too.

8 Jan 2011
Language / Learning Polish...looking for a software package? [10]

I have found that Rosetta Stone is very good (well my partner compliments the little Polish that I know). However it is pretty pricey! It depends on how much you want to spend.

I would be interested to see what other people think. Maybe someone would suggest some 'worth-while' free software/online websites?