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2 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Deed Poll - do I need an attorney to sign it? [8]

I've changed my surname after marriage by Deed Poll

eh......changed your surname through marriage or by deed poll? if it's after marriage then surely your marriage certificate is all you need to confirm your new name, if it's deed poll i've no idea we don't have deed poll in Scotland
13 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

it might have been said before but...

1 they are english
2 they do holiday on other peoples misfortune
3 they are imperialistic and think their opinion still actually carries weight in the world
22 Jan 2011
UK, Ireland / What's the rule on 'the UK' but just 'GB'? [60]

So the big yellow flag with a huge Red lion Rampant is not a symbol of Scotland then?

correct, officially it's the standard for the monarch who rules over Scotland, it used to be forbidden for anyone else to fly the lion rampant but the law was changed to allow us mortals to show it as a symbol of our allegiance to the monarch, which we regularly do at Hampden ;-)
7 Jan 2011
UK, Ireland / What's the rule on 'the UK' but just 'GB'? [60]

Ukraine has never been "the Ukraine" as far as i know, it was our ignorance in this country that lead to us incorrectly refeferring to the beautiful country of Ukraine

The UK of course chose that great British creature...the Lion...errr hang on , we don,t have any lions in the UK...and never have had...whats that all about?

the uk did not chose the lion, england did.

on the royal coat of arms, there are 2 animals represented symbolising, i think, the union of the crowns, the lion for england and the unicorn for scotland, so at least the english chose a creature that does exist..................still
7 Jan 2011
UK, Ireland / Interest in Polish language grows in Britain [19]

the only adult pole i've met who doesn't speak english is my mother in law to be, since she visits uk only once a year i'll let her off.

learning polish is a *****, its purely down to the grammer, but my experience has been that though i might use the wrong case i am mostly understood, much the sameway as someone who speaks "pigeon english". the effort to speak polish has certainly been appreciated by most people i meet in poland.
7 Jan 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish TV channels in the UK [95]

sorry for delay, i'm in larbert and didn't get it done before christmas. was in poland before christmas and got tvn box, telewisza na karte, £2 a month for 2years is a bargain surely!! was gobsmacked to discover supply and fit of 80cm dish for £75ish quid, so just goin with that, cheers for the advice though

got a normal sky dish and so far so good, no problem wi signal at all
3 Dec 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish TV channels in the UK [95]

ok its late 2010 and i'd like to get some polish tv channels via the satellite dish, my gf is Polish, i speak a little Polish and TV might help improve this too. we can get box/card etc registered to Polish address, i see we might need a 1m dish, what else? any suggestions for reputable installer? can it be done before Christmas (family visiting from Poland and don't speak English) or should i do it myself?