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28 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / What does English sound like to the Poles? [30]

I can't imagine how Poles would hear us, though folk from the Islamic countries can hear us Brits in a funny way....

There was a chap at work who - in an attempt to sound like the rest of us - would pronounce "Alright?!" like the quack of a duck! And I remember a a shop assistant - while handing me my change - pronouncing "Cheers mate!" in a similar fashion. Us Londoners must sound like ducks to them!

As for the perceived 'sound' of the Slavic languages, as a youngster, I always thought they sounded like speech being played backwards. This was long before I started to learn Polish, of course! :)
20 Aug 2012
Genealogy / Funny Polish surnames [63]

In Britain, the Polish name Płonka causes mirth. Here, "plonker" is a light-hearted insult - as well as being a slang term for the male part!

The word was popularised in the TV sitcom Only Fools And Horses, and it was only a matter of time before The Sun newspaper sought out someone bearing the unfortunate name....
20 Aug 2012
Language / Polish words that sound funny? [224]

While in the frozen aisle of the supermarket, I noticed the sign on the freezer that said "Pies". It then made me wonder whether Polish shoppers read it differently....

Frozen dog? Whatever next!
19 Nov 2010
Language / Paddy, Jock and Taffy; origin and translation to Polish [27]

The French may refer to us Brits as Rosbifs or Rosbeefs. One explanation of this term is that it originally referred to English style of cooking roast beef, and especially to the song The Roast Beef of Old England.

During the Hundred Years War, the French took to calling the English Les Goddams because of their frequent use of expletives!
19 Nov 2010
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

Wonderful, thank you! I already had one of her songs in my collection too - although one of her English songs.

Being a mobile DJ, I do tend to get asked for Polish music from time to time. Any suggestions like the above are welcome :) The one song that never fails me is "Jak Się Masz Kochanie"! Every Polish person seems to know and love it!
19 Nov 2010
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

Though I am an English person living in the UK, I do occasionally listen to Polish radio online. Naturally, I hear Polish music and then end up seeking out the songs later.

Can anyone identify the artist and title of this song?

Dziekuje! :)