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16 Aug 2011
Life / Have many Poles had enough of one another? [198]

With your attitude you're lucky if Polish shopkeepers don't punch you in the face much less smile at you.

Ya know about polish storekeepers, do ya?
15 Aug 2011
Work / Salary for Teaching EFL in Krakow [120]

Rubbish, What are these people earning now??? 3000zl lol

Really? So you were there 10 years ago? LMAO
18 Jul 2011
News / Multi-culti (in Poland) -- roadmap to disaster? [344]

You know, I think I need to pen a post regarding the fact that slavery actually never existed in the United States. Did you all know that African-Americans descend from African immigrants who arrived in North America during the 16th century after a famine in Africa forced them to find more fertile lands? It's true. Apparently, this nonsense about slavery and the so-called "Civil Rights" movement of the 1960s was a complete sham, orchestrated by a small minority of extremist Afro-Americans bent on world domination.

I'm telling you - I've met with a couple of African Americans who told me all about this. And what they told me just flew in the face of everything I've ever read in history books, etc. Really incredible that there actually never was a single slave in either North or South America.
9 Jun 2011
History / German Traitor And Polish Pig [96]


This doesn't really surprise me. Germany (unlike Poland) doesn't ban things.
21 Mar 2011
News / "Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe! [202]

Would it really be a big difference if a polish company build the gas wells instead of an american?

Polish stockholders getting the profits not foreign investors, the Warsaw Stock Exchange trading in it not Wall Street, Polish CEO and Board of Directors not foreign ones. A no brainer, kid. And it still aint safe. If Exxon think it is, let 'em frack under Georgetown.
19 Mar 2011
News / "Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe! [202]

Are Polish people at all aware and/or excited about these coming changes to Poland?


Robert W. Howarth, Cornell University, "Preliminary Assessment of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Natural Gas Obtained by Hydraulic Fracturing", 26 January 2011.
6 Nov 2010
UK, Ireland / The more subtle differences: Ireland/Britain v Poland [310]

Polish men are fatter than most English men - by a long way. Too often they are a lot more drunk as well. I suppose that comes with the monotonous diet of fat filled sausage, oil fried meat and high cholesterol foods they seem to adore.

Yes. Absloute porkers many of them - but the women tend to be slim. On our last visit, we saw couples in restaurants and diners, the man eating, the woman not.
6 Nov 2010
Life / Any treatment centres for homos in Poland? [455]

forcing decent folks to have to explain that mess to their young children, this is when gay become the problem, the injustice which needs correcting.

As long as gays are marginalised by the right, they will do that. All power to them!

we ever see such displays from heteros

Turned on the TV lately?

All part of the plan to normalize perversion.

What plan is that? And what's perversion. In some states pre-marital sex is illegal - does that make it perversion?