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18 Apr 2007
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [417]

Hello! I found this site after doing some genealogy homework for my son. My husband's ancestors (about 5 generations back) were from Poland and my mother immigrated here (USA) from Poland. Since moving to America, they assimilated into American society, as was the custom of all immigrants prior to it being acceptable to have pride in your heritage. I often wonder about Poland and how Polish I am, or has it eroded away with the mix of Dutch and Irish from my father. Please introduce yourself, and tell me about yourself and character. Thank you! :)
18 Apr 2007
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [417]

That really makes a lot of sense. Now I know why I feel so at home when I am in Hawai'i. VERY laid back people. The unofficial saying goes "Maximum pleasure from minimal effort"
24 Apr 2007
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [417]

Well, lets see which traits I have seen today that would fit "POLISH" traits by genetics, and not generalizations of ALL PEOPLE

Stubborn? No, not one person in my whole family (even family who immigrated) can hold a grudge, and food? If it's gross we won't eat it...nothing to do with American/Polish type food, it seems that the foods available just weren't appealing.

Complainers? Ok okay, guilty as charged. Hehehehe!

Oh, I do have an affinity to strawberries! I have a nice row of them in my front yard. I planted them strictly for the foliage, and wound up with pounds upon pounds of strawberries! I've made great jams and preserves with them. My best recipie involves vanilla and almond extracts.

I think the mention of "Poland has better -this or that-" is just national pride and maybe even teasing. My family loves to tease like that. Kinda like when my Auntie Jane said to my mom in an urgent manner "Krysia! Did you hear the latest?!" and my mother was all concerned..."No? What?!" my auntie said "I'm the greatest" the both laughed and my mom rolled her eyes. LOL I think Polish people have a great sense of humor and love to laugh...maybe more than other cultures?

One more. They do steal. You have to lock your cars, roll up the windows and cover stuff inside because they will steal anything and everything to make money.

This is totally untrue. At least genetically. My family are the most honest people I know. If we see someone drop cash, we'll even hand it back to them. To be even more candid, to steal and then sell something is just too much bother- it's easier to just work a little bit harder to earn it legally. Thank you very much.

drink like fish

I don't think this is genetically true either. Could it possibly be their method of self medication for the conditions they live in? IMO, it is common for those in poverty to use drugs or alcohol to lessen pain-mental and physical. While it is true that Poland has an alcoholism problem (admittedly so at that) the economics is in direct correlation to the areas with the highest rates. Yes, I wish I had a URL for you on that, but it was an assessment on a culmination of short paragraphs over several sites that I had visited in the last few days.

Maybe that KNOW-IT-ALL thing is genetic...because it surely looks like I've been displaying that right now. LOL :)
24 Apr 2007
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [222]

forget my spelling, I can't spell Polish. But the nice thing is that I'll spell it phonetically for you.

My mother would say stuff like "ko-hana" which means beloved. Or "be-yed-naw jet-skaw" which means poor baby. I don't know why poor baby would be a term of endearment, but she always said that when she saw something terribly cute.

Does anyone know of a site like this one, but for Polish? Yes I have been learning Hawai'ian on the side. I think it would be important to know if/when I move to Kaua'i.

That would be great to have a site like that for Polish...anyone know of any?