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27 Aug 2010
Real Estate / Privacy level between the landlord and the renter in Poland [3]

Hi all

I was just wondering what the privacy level is like in Poland between the landlord and the renter. How much notice do they need to give before coming into the apartment for maintenance or other issues? How do they give you that notice? Is it written?

2 Aug 2010
Travel / What is "must-see" in Poland? [8]

I will be living for about ten months in Poland from September to June for a teaching job. I'll be based in the Radom area, but I'm hoping to do a fair amount of travel while there.

Are there any suggestions of places to go or things to see while there? I'm a very outdoorsy person, so I'm looking for hiking or outdoor sports, but anything will do.

Museums, historical sites, beautiful landscape, villages -- I'm open to anything!

2 Aug 2010
Work / Are there any Americans teachers left in Poland? [38]

I'm an American teacher and will be heading to Poland in about six weeks for my first teaching contract. I'm excited, but I've been hearing a lot of negative things on the forums that worry me quite a bit.
30 Jul 2010
Work / Moving for TEFL job to Poland, what can I expect? [12]

To be fair, I'm not really looking for a buzzing nightlife. Good restaurants, a little shopping or a park to sit in are a lot higher on my list than scene bars and clubs. I knew when I took the job that it was going to be a small town. I'm just more curious about what the actual town looks like, or if anyone has been there and can tell me anything important about it.
29 Jul 2010
Life / Electricity in Poland: plug and voltage? [72]

Thread attached on merging:

I have a question about electronics because I'm moving to Poland from the United States. If I bring electronic stuff (laptop computer, playstation / video games, etc) will I be able to use them in Poland? I know I'll need to buy a converter for the wall plugs, but will my stuff get fried if I turn it on?

26 Jul 2010
Work / Moving for TEFL job to Poland, what can I expect? [12]

I am moving to Poland in about six weeks for a TEFL job. I've traveled a lot, but never been to Poland and I'm not really sure what to expect. I'll be living in a town called Zwolen, about 30 km outside of Radom. What can I expect with the food, people, language, culture, weather, safety, the town itself, anything.