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30 Oct 2013
Life / Does any one know where it is legal to collect firewood? [5]

Go to the forestry lodge in Sopieszyno, next village to you on the road to wejherowo. Ask for Pan Tadek, he speaks and understands a bit of English. Ask about a chitty called an " Assiignata " ( Polish spelling is probably wrong ), this costs a few zlotys but you get given an area in the forest where you can pile up all the dead wood. Then the forester inspects what you have and you pay accordingly ( cheap ).

Or ........ try your own forestry guy in Szemud.
3 Apr 2013
Real Estate / Water Company in Poland laying new pipes through my garden and outbuildings... [12]

The only way forward. Involve a reporter or consult a lawyer. Ttat way it,s on record. Else the hierarchy here will trample all over you.

Don,t take advice from the village experts, neither from here. ( I appreciate people trying to be helpful ). Get it in black and white. Take photos before and after, keep a diary.

There is laws, and of course you have " rights ".
If you do as the villagers. Case closed.
If you have courage. Start researching NOW, time is running out.
15 Jul 2012
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]

Tandoori house Sopot.

Curries price range from 40 - 50 zloty. ( average )

Service 2/5 ( poor )

Attitude 1/5 ( speechless )

Proprietor 0/5 ( rude. Polish, clueless )

Tables internal 10 x 4 seating, ezternal 4 x 2.

Business 50% ...... serve time for first drink 1/2 hour, serve time for poppadoms/pickles 2 hours, serve time main course 2hrs 30 mins.

Food quality 5/5 ( excellent )

Advisory : With 4 waiting staff, I can only assume that the kitchen has one authentic chef slaving away on his own, hence the long delay times. When one takes into account that per waiter/ress 5 persons to serve, should be a stroll in the park. Help in the kitchen should be a priority, along with a lesson in customer service would make this place a winner. Until then I will be returning to the Thai restaurant at the top end of Monte Casino.
27 Mar 2012
Love / Prevention of child abduction by Polish mother. [232]

with everything that is going on I feel a bit shell shocked and find myself wondering what I have done so wrong!

At the moment you are an emotional wreak. Get strong quick brother. Get legal advice ( not PF,s ). You have to get mean and nasty and do what actions the lawyer advises you, even if it sounds harsh.

Don,t toe the line, don,t toe HER line. Don,t let her pull your strings. Get the upperhand legally and YOU will be calling the shots.

Might help to get in touch with " fathers 4 justice " or similar organisation too.
23 Mar 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

Which nationalities would you recommend for Poland?

You already have a half germanic population, then a high percentage is genealogically Scottish, Irish, English, etc.
There already exists multi- culturalism, so your real question should be ' why aren,t Poles breeding ".
Simple answer. Look at the politics.

What should Poland do to successfully compete in the immigration market and attract more than other countries?

Elect a leader with brains.
17 Feb 2012
Life / Polish Werewolves [30]

Once Jarosław Kaczyński said that Donald Tusk had wolverine eyes.

I think he had a good point there. Seems true lately.
21 Jan 2012
Life / Poland - abandon all logic [25]

Here,s a nice equation .........

Ever heard of " secondary income ", " black economy ", and " tax evasion " ? ........... and of course " polak potrafi ".
21 Oct 2011
History / Do Poles really blame Britain for Poland becoming Communist after the war? [104]

Here we go: Ilford Park Polish Home

Scrapping the barrel kid. Housing old vets in the 80 -90yr age band is hardly a drain on the British taxpayer now, is it ?
How long do you think they,ll live ?
They,re probably entitled to the privilege having paid dues like other WORKING people.

Look at the condititions these people lived in, and accepted. Do you know what " exiled " means ?

You can apologise for that comment any time you want.

You must be joking........ like I said " complete rubbish ".

Digging up petty articles with no substance doesn,t really back up your statements. Think again. ( no insult intended )
18 Oct 2011
History / Do Poles really blame Britain for Poland becoming Communist after the war? [104]

I can tell you my family story

And this is where the truth ls the truth. I can back up your arguments Grunwald because I too have similar personal history, not the 5hite propaganda you read in books. ( I can also write a book, but would it get published ? ) But alas, I learnt long ago that some people on here ain,t worth the time of day.

It's very simple: some Polish ex-servicemen are still living at the expense of the British taxpayer, where they have lived since they left the Polish armed forces.

The very same men you mention, who fought for your freedom and the freedom of Europe..... and now you 5hit on them.
THINK ! .......... You might not have been born, had it not been for them.
Oh, and I suppose these ex-servicemen never worked or paid taxes since the end of the war. Let me add, these people have contributed more to Britain than most Brits have ever ....... They sacrificed their lives, and deserve respect.
16 Oct 2011
News / What do PO voters expect from the new Polish government ? [32]

=THE HITMAN]Funny how you find the same three stupid posters on these political threads. Won,t mention any names !

Two down, one to go.

Oh ! He,s probably still asleep down under.

Like I said. " Won,t mention any names ", you obviously know the stupid three I was referring to. lol

Shame really. I come across some of your posts ( collectively ) and think they are quite helpful, but then I read your posts on these political threads, and think, " how bloody childish ".

Grow up boys, act like men, or at least pretend to be adults.
6 Oct 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish Prams & Baby Travel Systems [12]

Try LEEBRUSS.COM, professional and expert service. I believe they distribute most Polish prams/systems to the UK. Heard a lot of good reports about this company. Hope this helps, good luck with your new arrival.
5 Oct 2011
Life / Vandalism on cars in Poland [64]


I can post youtube smashes of BMW,s, Volvo,s, VW,s etc. It doesn,t make no difference what make of car you,re driving, if it,s your time to go, you go. ( I recommend a Sherman tank perhaps, vandal proof and very safe ) lol.
4 Oct 2011
Life / Vandalism on cars in Poland [64]


But it is just out of this world that some Poles could jump on your cars.

You said it.

That must be a foreign provocation.

What ?

Cars are not scratched or jumped on without reason here.

Yes they are.

So, stop this silly trolling.

You are trolls if you claim otherwise!

Everyone you disagree with is a troll.

I haven`t noticed such things in Krakow

Two out of four visits to Krakow, I,ve had my cars done in. I make that 50 %.

It is so unbelievable

Believe it.

Solution: I bought a 20year old Cinquecento to run around in. It doesn,t hurt so bad when someone dings it. Plus it,s a fun car and easy to find parking. My best acquisition in Poland to date........ I love it. lol
26 Sep 2011
News / Poles are able to forgive their enemies - how noble. [68]

Poles are able to forgive their enemies - how noble.
Have they forgiven the Russians - occupation/communism.
Germans - occupation and Annihilation.
English/Americans - Selling them down the Swanee.
Tusk - Kaczyński, Kaczyński - Tusk?

...... I don,t think so !
9 Sep 2011
Life / British working communities in Poland [12]

You need to meet ex-pats in person. Ask more questions to get an in-depth account as to the reality of how it really is in Poland. On here, all you,re going to get is individual opinions, lies and wisecracks. From the few replies I already detect the slight hint of bull5hit. True or false ?
6 Aug 2011

As long as Poland learns from its past mistakes

6 million dollar question !! ....... and I don,t think they,ll ever learn.

Your survey shows that 80 percent of Poles are happy with their lives. It also highlights that while they are generally happy with their careers or their level of education they are at the same time increasingly dissatisfied with their personal relations regarding family, friends and their sex lives.,54641,10007514,Individualist_Poles_happy_with_their_careers__dissatisfied.html

Some good and true points in this article.
29 Jul 2011
Love / LIFE IN POLSKA....Englishman married to Russian... [30]

Not 100% sure, but if you wed in the UK, ain,t there a time period where your spouse would automatically qualify for British citizenship ( hence passport ) ? I don,t think it,s that long.

Then registering and working in Poland would be as for any other EU national.
Tie the knot man, it,s obvious you,re in love. DO IT !!!

btw, Best regards.
7 Jul 2011
News / Sex is patriotic: Poland's birth rate rises [34]

I always tell my students: if you are real patriots of Poland, get married, copulate and have 5 children.

Not so many real patriots in PL then. lol