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8 Jun 2010
Genealogy / Is your line of the Polish family noble? [74]

The rest is not worth replying.

Your thread is confusing me. As a American of Polish descent, i have the surname of Morawski. It is found on page 270 of the on-line list (it's a list of Polish noblemen as of 1887).

Now my dad, on many occasions, sat me down and explained the name difference. He stated the original name of Morawski had a accent mark above the 'O'. He always did this in hushed tones. I still don't understand why.

Also our family orchard of some 40 hectares is located in Wieś Ćwiklin, Gmina Płońsk, Powiat Płońsk

I suspect what this means is that this list and $2.39 will buy me a Dunkin Doghnuts coffee.
8 Jun 2010
Food / MAKE TWARóG (Polish curd cheese) AT HOME [8]

I have access to fresh milk from our cousins dairy. This is not pastuerized. Can this be utilized as a base for twaróg or do I have to go with a pasturized milk?

I get mixed info when I google it. It seems that they mostly require low fat or skim milk in the process. This makes it pasteurized.

I was hoping someone who makes it or has inside info can help us.