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26 May 2012
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [271]

Realist Guy correctly makes the point that all nationalities have prejudices against other nationalities.For example, as a Scot I know that many of my fellow Scots do not like English people.

However,my mother came from Poland,and although it was Russians who killed two of her brothers,my uncles at Katyn,I do not hate Russians living today for crimes committed by previous generations."Live and let live" is my motto.
16 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish Family stabbed to death in St Helier. [40]

The 30 year old Polish man is alleged to have stabbed to death his wife,his two children,his father in law,another woman and her child.He then tried to kill himself and is being treated in St Helier hospital.He is expected to survive and will be questioned by police when able to do so.RIP
19 Oct 2010
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [386]

My late mother was Polish.I last visited my Polish relatives, near Katowice,in 2005.I study Polish at the Sikorski Club in Glasgow.
20 Jul 2010
Language / Experience or opinions of The Travel Linguist? [4]

As an "advanced learner" of Polish,I would recommend these lessons as suitable for a complete beginner.There are many other free resources on polishforums and other web-sites.(Byki is another.)Try to listen to as much spoken Polish as you can.It would be great if you could practise with a native speaker.