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24 Aug 2010
Love / Are all beautiful Polish girls as crazy as this? [262]

I have always been unlucky to have such a gf. Never looked for good looking ones, but always ended up with one anyway. Luckily, my current one has learnt what it means to be a woman in man's life :D

You need to support her, whether that's her educational or professional goals or emotional little problems. But, at the same time, show her who's the king of the castle. When she says "Honey, could you bring me a glass of juice, please?" Don't go... Just say "It's good idea, bring one for me as well, love." They love to be adored, but don't like submissive men at the same time. Strange, I know. But, being a prick works :D
24 Aug 2010
UK, Ireland / Buying a Polish vehicle in the UK [28]

It's a bit more complicated than here in the UK. In Poland, as in the UK, you have a registration certificate, but much smaller (which we have to carry every time we drive cars over there). The certificate states the name and address of the owner. If you take a loan on the vehicle, there are two scenarios how bank secures the car:

1. The bank is named as the owner and the driver is only entered on the back cover as the user.
2. The driver is named as the owner, but the bank is named as the co-owner on the back cover.
There's another issue which IMHO is a no go for buying a Polish car abroad. In Poland, all the car registrations are regionalised. When you buy a car from another region or even county (which often means a city 10 miles away), you have to change number plates to resemble your address. We don't get plates for life like in the UK. Also, a new owner need a contract with the previous owner (with national id details) regarding the sale. With those documents you go and register the car for yourself. I can't imagine buying the car in the UK and then driving it back to Poland to change the plates. Too much bother. You might need to have such a contract partially filled in by the guy (all in Polish) so the buyer can just fill in their details.