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3 May 2010
USA, Canada / How to find music by KSU in the United States [7]

Hello, everybody.
I just stumbled across a Polish band called KSU that I'm pretty sure must be at least moderately big in Poland, but, I can't seem to find them on itunes. I was listening to a song called moje Bieszczady, which, after a little bit of checking, found out that it means my Bieszczady, referring to the mountains. There were some lovely pictures which could have been the Appalachians at the Tennesse-North Carolina border, even a fire salamander, and it was such a nice song. I go to the Appalachians in that region regularly with my husband for vacation, have some relatives in the area, etc.. and it is so pretty there. I listened to some of their other stuff, also, and was going to buy a couple of albums, but couldn't find them. Does anybody know where their music can purchased? Sorry if this seems a little long-winded, but, I would really like to buy some of their music, and, I'm guessing that they would have no problem with that. Thanks for listening.