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How to find music by KSU in the United States

Veronica 1 | 1
3 May 2010 #1
Hello, everybody.
I just stumbled across a Polish band called KSU that I'm pretty sure must be at least moderately big in Poland, but, I can't seem to find them on itunes. I was listening to a song called moje Bieszczady, which, after a little bit of checking, found out that it means my Bieszczady, referring to the mountains. There were some lovely pictures which could have been the Appalachians at the Tennesse-North Carolina border, even a fire salamander, and it was such a nice song. I go to the Appalachians in that region regularly with my husband for vacation, have some relatives in the area, etc.. and it is so pretty there. I listened to some of their other stuff, also, and was going to buy a couple of albums, but couldn't find them. Does anybody know where their music can purchased? Sorry if this seems a little long-winded, but, I would really like to buy some of their music, and, I'm guessing that they would have no problem with that. Thanks for listening.
paulafrompoland - | 13
3 May 2010 #2
I think that you should use website
it is polish website like eBay

ex.: d.html

Sometimes you can find information:

Zgadzam się na wysłanie przedmiotu za granicę

It means that is possible to sent this abroad.
But you have to have an account on ALLEGRO.
Maybe you have some friends in Poland who can pay for CDs for you?
OP Veronica 1 | 1
4 May 2010 #3
Thanks, Paula. I don't know anyone in Poland, but, I do have some friends in Finland and Germany. Possibly they can help out on this.
pawian 224 | 24,432
10 Oct 2019 #4
KSU, when it comes to punk/post punk music, is my fav Polish group. They started in late 1970s and soon became cult.

Check this out: KSU at their best from 2010. Who will defend Poland? The text is a bit infantile, but music - brilliant.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,942
10 Oct 2019 #5
KSU, when it comes to punk/post punk music, is my fav Polish group.

As a music fan, who was not particularly into punk music but has followed Polish popular music for some time, I was surprised that I had never heard of this band.

Not bad.
That is a good rating from a pre punk oldie...... :-)
pawian 224 | 24,432
10 Oct 2019 #6
Not bad.

Yes, I know this British reserve. Instead of saying:excellent fried eggs!, Brits just say: not bad. It has always infuriated Americans.

If you like them, I should recommend their best album to you: the one from 1988. I listened to it very often in the past, still do from time to time. Music is classical crude punk, but lyrics are inspiring. The vocalist - nicknamed Siczka - has become a legend.

Against the Current

At a concert
Miloslaw 19 | 4,942
10 Oct 2019 #7
If you like them

I did quite like them.
Thanks Pawian, there is obviously more to you than meets the eye......
I will have to stop arguing with you so much..... ;-)

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