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20 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Want to find a person in Poland [750]

it is male name (rather not used nowadays)

but also may be surname.

(first thing from the top after typing 'fabrycy' in google - took me about 1 second to check)
20 Jan 2012
Work / In order to work in Poland, do I have to graduate from a Polish university? [10]

demand is high, so even without any formal qualifications you could make decent money giving private lessons. People do have common sense - for them possibility to interact with native chinese is worth much more than any certificates. Just settle in a city that has university with sinology courses (warsaw has one for sure)
19 Jan 2012
Work / Navy Guy seeks help looking for work in Poland! [19]

i really do not think that 'papers' are REALLY that important nowadays in PL. He is engineer, and when 'real work' has to be done, experience and knowledge is all that matters.

one of reasons why so many people in PL cant find the job, is becuse they spent so many time to get useless paper instead of learning something useful. We all know those 'marketing specialists', specialists of 'european integration', or other etymologists. Then they desperately send hundreds of CVs to companies that need people with any real skills.

Language, even simple Polish will be sufficient - simply because almost all engineers speak English to better or worse. I agree with previous poster - you should look for a job in your area of expertise. Reliable and knowledgeable people are sought after.

first from the top.
engineers are needed.
19 Jan 2012
Work / What would be a good salary for an MBA graduate in Poland? [27]


12000 gross is 8400 net

the 'trouble' is your wife - sitting at home is frustrating, esp that in US she does have job. If there is any possibility that she could work remotely - in this case you could be even happier in PL than US, otherwise relocating is not a good move.

And Katowice itself - ugly, dirty industrial city.

all in all, you'd probably regret relocating, unless you both want some adventure and are just curious of how's life outside US

oh, sorry, I thought you calculated this 6000 as net income, my bad.
30 Nov 2011
Life / How many people in Poland are atheist/agnostic? [11]

hard to say really

there are people attending churches, just because of peer/society pressure (small towns and villages) but not really faithful. There are people that are believers, but not accepting the Church (as organisation).

Nowadays, i'd say that around 40% is still attending and believing. This is just very rough estimation from a guy living whole life in small provintional town (and working in wroclaw). Number of atheists is growing very fast for numerous reasons (agressive leftist agenda, inferiority complex towards western countries, broadband internet access and just higher salaries)
30 Nov 2011
Work / Expected salary for an engineer in Poland? [24]

so more than 9k net?
you will be one happy monkey.
girls will adore you :D

i'd wish you good luck, but instead i'd ask to spare some of yours :D
27 Nov 2011
Work / Expected salary for an engineer in Poland? [24]

9000 netto will allow you to live comfortable life in PL just about everywhere outside Warsaw
yet, in Warsaw, you can count on higher salaries

yet, as been pointed out, 'I am engineer' is very ambiguous.
for example, software engineer that is types the code is something between 2000-5000 range. But software project manager - 5.000-15.000, so as you see, differences are huge. It depends of what you can do, experience, city, impression during interview... simply everything