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18 Apr 2013
Life / Could Poland become an immigrant country? [42]

those people look mainly for benefits, and Poland does not throw money on newcomers

second - there is huge unemployment, especially there is lack of low wage/low requirement jobs, so it would be surprising if Poles would welcome new competition
18 Aug 2012
Law / SKOK Stefczyka? [5]

Is SKOK Stefczyka a parabank, cooperative bank, savings & loan or what?

it is regular Credit Union, just like those in US
18 Aug 2012
Law / Best inexpensive new car? [23]


produced locally- so huge aftermarket (also cheaper spares, service etc), pretty good quality

best bang for bucks

also, Skodas are very popular here.
14 Aug 2012
Life / Polish authors, books & literature. [89]

Jacek Dukaj

here's fragment of "Black Oceans" (amateur translation)

love this book, first-rate cyberpunk

pretty scary, when you hear that at today's market 80% of transactions does not involve humans. This book takes it one step further
24 Jun 2012
Life / Polish Dance/Techno music [49]

here is few names you can look for:

polish techno producers:

Jacek Sienkiewicz
Jakub Rene Kosik

these are genuine producers, not DJs, if that's what you are looking for
1 Mar 2012
Work / My friend is looking for a job in Poland with a physics degree [32]

Does Poland have a semiconductor fab?

yes. Actually one of most advanced in the world

they have developed a technology of growing GaN crystals of previously unseen clarity. This is material that will be base of future generations of microprocessors, LED's and hybrid cars - its properties exceed silicon crystals by very far shot.

outrageous thing is:
by the end of last year they were in desperate need for money to keep their patent rights. noone on Poland wanted to help them.

Well, at least we have great stadiums... ;(

Finally a group of people bought them (in January I think), I could not find any information about those people
1 Mar 2012
Off-Topic / When would Poland start to intervene in the regions in order to protect Her interests? [36]

I believe that there are reasons for involvement in countries like Afghanistan

1 - Poland switched its army to be proffesional one. it needs training.
2 - keeping polish military industrial complex alive
3 - for decades Poland had (and stil has) pretty strong 'unofficial' and official ties with middle east countries. we dont know what are actual interests of Poland and with which countries - neither of us has knowledge secret services and government have

look at this:
for last years general skill of polish military forces improved drastically - there are now soldiers with actual battle experience and much better equipment (both bough and produced domestically)

Poland also mainly serves as support force - like training local police and military forces, peacekeeping etc. This actually does not antagonise us with locals, pretty much otherwise
11 Feb 2012
News / Polish immigrants are losing Polish heritage -- a goal? [10]

very often

thats just echo of inferiority complex that so many people here have;
many Poles think that it is this 'polish heritag'e that is reason why living in Poland is hellish for so many. therefore they get rid of that when they can.

remember - Poland is peasant country which elites were exterminated, we will see this crap for many years
30 Jan 2012
History / Polish inventors - what have they ever given to the world? [95]

Robert Dwilinski - his discovery may have similar impact on semiconductor industry as Czochralski's

I read more about Lagiewka - yeah - it seems to be just scam. Or just another kind of shock absorber, but nothing revolutionary
29 Jan 2012
Law / Registering Foreign Car In Poland [24]

actually, I am not so sure about 'inability', because this law was taken to the european court and IRRC the verdict was that this is against free trade rule or something. But when you get to Poland, you will see that driving RHD out of 4-lane roads, especially in coutryside, might be really dangerous and authorities are actually right about this restriction. Its not dangerous when you just go with the flow, but seeing that you like sport cars, I doubt you will be willing to crawl behind huge truck 90 km/h ;)

cars in PL are more expensive, but insurance is much cheaper, so it makes sense to sell yours in UK and buy something in France/Netherlands/Germany or Poland (last option obviously most convenient)
29 Jan 2012
Law / Registering Foreign Car In Poland [24]

in addition, RHD in Poland is really not good idea - Poles drive aggressively (dare to say - stupidly), and you will be simply frustrated when using RHD - there is a lot of overtaking, plenty of trucks and even tractors on roads. It is really, really good idea to ditch RHD in PL
28 Jan 2012
Law / IT department (computer programming) - Opening up an Office/Business in Poland [53]

thats more or less what I said

yet I would arue with 2 points - access by planes in Wroclaw will probably improve considerably due to new airport terminal that is currently being finished (opening before Euro Championships) and also Ryanair setting its center here. And nightlife (might be completely irrelevant) - I find it more interesting in wroclaw, that is just mater of taste (and probably age ;D ). All in all - both cities seem more or less equally attractive.

When money is good people will simply move. In poland it is not common to disclose wages in adverts, you may try to do so - that will certainly draw attention from people from other cities.
28 Jan 2012
History / Polish inventors - what have they ever given to the world? [95]

Lucjan £ągiewka

"The Most important invention of the first decade of XXI century" (although it was invented 13 years ago hehe)

and since few years fighting over patent rights with Oxford

Interesting is the fact, that car makers are not interested in it - they don't want cars to come unscratched from smaller accidents :(
money is more important that human life, as always

sorry, he is fighting with cambridge, not oxford
28 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

" They refused, as at this time soviet empire was already in huge crisis".

there is entire soviet union that proves I am right (by its very own collapse)
Christ, people here are SO IGNORANT!! Its beyond words

the reason for collapse was Russian - Afghan War that was lost - in 1979 - a year before events we are talking about. Thanks to delivery of modern weapon to Afghan soldiers/warriors by CIA, Russian army took MASSIVE losses in both people and military hardware, and was direct reason why Russians were so afraid of helping jaruzelski - they were weakened and thinking that the same may happen in Poland - especially that CIA was already looking at Poland and started quietly helping Solidarnosc financially. Its not like they didn't have more tanks and airplanes - they obviously had, but war dried them financially, they also had huge problems with food production - socialist economy was extremely inefficient, and Poland's role in soviet block was primarly to "feed russia" - they simply had no interest in helping jaruzelski and turning polish society against themselves by direct military actions - it never worked in the past. it was way more reasonable to sacrifice him and establish 'brand new' puppet government.

ONLY REASON for martial law was to save asses of jaruzelski and his fellow commies, and he did it only because he still believed in this communist bullshit (even if he was surrounded by cynical players who know how pitiful is all this socialist mess). There are recordings and documents showing that. Read it before writing anything more.
28 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

What's funny is your accusation that I vote PO when I actually voted..hmm..three times now against them.

another flash of 'higher intelligence'.. can you point where I precisely did that?

When was the last time anyone supporting PO threw stones at the PiS headquarters, I wonder?

stones? Stones are so old-fashioned...

this is product of your friend's infinite wisdom
28 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

The current government is anything but totalitarian - in fact, it shows how short your memories are if you've already forgotten what a totalitarian government was.


examples please
I gave you clear example. Please provide something that would actually prove your pov

I dont have to claim I know "the Truth' - it is simple logic, simple math and knowlege of newest history you don't have - plaase notice that is YOU who only drop generic stereotypes. Not even single sensible example. You even already know that I am radio maryja fan and Kaczynski supporter, oh, my elitist everything-knowning smartie.

You 'accuse' me that i'm 'conditioned'... hahahaha You are not? Oh, what an unique snowflake you are. I will tell you 'the truth": every human being is 'conditioned'. Thats how we are. One of those simple truths your friends forgot to tell you about. They are probably too educated to know this

And those mythical 'educated poles', which you considering so reliable - who exactly they are? What do they know? How do you know that they are right? What is their background? What their parent did in communist era? because, most 'proliberal' elitists I know personally had their fathers working either in military or police during that times (and no, this is not something to be proud of). They are simply defending their families. And I know their past ONLY because I know them very well for many years. YOU DO NOT. I repeat - you know sh!t about Poland. I read tons of stuff and press from far left to far right, I know reasoning behind agendas of different political parties - DO YOU? Ah.. probably your friends already explained you everything. that's great...
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

Absolutely - and these are the people from whom PiS drew their support, who were the most vulnerable to their totalitarian rhetoric. The educated elite didn't touch them with a bargepole.

seems you are considering yourself to be this 'educated elite', so I will only point one massive flaw in your thinking - do you remember PiS getting 80% votes?

this is also another 'meme' created for people like you - considering themselves as 'better' part of society. In fact, whenever I talk with those 'young educated' they quickly become agressive, because all they have is bunch of slogans they learned from TV, and anyone with at least two working braincells is able to easily show them how stupid or ignorant they are. They are easiest target for manipulation - precisely because they think they are smart and 'propaganda-proof'

'totalitarian rhetoric', EVEN IF this was actually true (do you actually care to provide some examples?), this would be only rhetoric. Current goverment does not use rhetoric - they ARE totalitarian - ACTA being newest example
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

They all agreed that the alternative scenerios were not attractive ones.

That may be very true - I was a kid a this time, I only remember soldiers in trucks driving there and here, and my family was scared

The funniest thing is - there was really NO NEED AT ALL for martial laws. Most factories where workers were prostesting were closed, or even stopped protests before even martial laws was introduced. In whole Poland, only about 15 factories were actually still prostesting when martial law begun. Really. Whole impression of entire Poland 'on fire' was created by propaganda (but it was very real impression people had - as you said). In most cities - nothing really happened. Commies knew, that economical situation will be only worse, so they used possibility to scare people 'in advance' (kind of preemptive strike against society)
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

well, those are just plans. There were plans for everything, every big city was built and planned with nuclear war in mind - if you look at city plans, how commie blocks were build and placed - it was all about dispersing nuclear shockwave - this show how silly those people were. But from planning to actually doing anything there is long, long way.

Chechoslovakian army was no match for Polish one - so thiose plans are plain ridiculous. Actually, an idea of Chech army performing any military actions is funny by itself ;D
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

I am not Polish.

in this case - I'm sorry
you have full right to be unaware of Polish history (no sarcasm, really), especially that you are being constantly disinformed.

There is one thing that must be said. You said that your base your opinion on what your (Polish) friends told you. Problem is - they mostly dont know anything beyond what they heard on TV repeated 3000 times. Poles ARE NOT so educated as they say. Only 1 million people reads press - and that also includes magazines about celebrities and other worthless pulp. Scentific research shows that about 80% Poles DOES NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND TV NEWS. This is 'functional illiteracy' at massive level. Poles have great opinion about themselves, but facts are, we - as society - are very very poorly educated, easy to manipulate.

TV is NOT source of knowlege - average individual IS NOT able to gain knowledge from wathing TV - there is too much information shuffled in short timespan. TV has HUGE influence on one's emotions (trough music and imaginery), but does not give you anything valuable. 14 mln Poles watch tv and only one million reads. Go figure how it impacts or economy and politics.

check actual numbers - how books are selling - you know that book thats sells in 50.000 prints is MASSIVE hit in Poland?
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

BTW, love your hilarious comments about the Polish economy. Was your source Radio Maryja by any chance?

no, it is very simple math

Polands GDP is about 1,5 trillion zł

official current public debt - 840 bln

Basically vast majority of gminas are in debt - the limit for them is 60% of their year's income, and you can easily check how much it is - I did. Hard numbers is something that convinces me, idiotic remarks about radio maryja do not.
27 Jan 2012
News / Communist era 'newspeak' appeals the most to Poland PiS supporters (what a surprise) [89]

My comment about General J still stands, poor bastard, he could have not done much else in the circumstances

the main reason why current propaganda does so well, is complete ignorance of people like you
Jaruzelski WAS BEGGING russians for intervention! They refused, as at this time soviet empire was already in huge crisis. he was the one who was doing everything to keep status quo - classic example of hardliner who would rather kill other Poles, than loosing face and his leader's chair.

I can uderstand delaph who is foreigner and knows sh!t about Poland (clearly), but when I read such BS from a Pole, I start to boil.

and article from OP is just ridiculous. Hahahahaha
I would rather vote for Pis than PO - simply, theft, corruption, links with mafia, and OBVIOUS actions against Polish interest clearly show that those guys are simply corrupted puppets. Also creative accounting in my eyes is equal treason - it undermines states stability and ability to defend itself.

After 4,5 years of their governance - debt of Poland has been doubled - and thats only official data, not accounting debt of health care agencies and hospitals, 'gmina's, and other agencies. Very rough estimations are from 200 to 250% od Poland's GDP!!!!!! not sweet '55%' that government is so proud of.
24 Jan 2012
Love / Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland? [103]

it looks like you also know **** about Poland, you don't even know name of Poland's capital city.

and yes, huge percentage of Poles are openly on secretly xenophobic. Meaning, stares on the street are expected, also verbal agression is very likely. Physical - no idea about this, havent heard about such cases (but also, I havent seen even one woman here dressing this islamic stuff)