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6 May 2010
Work / Taxes in Poland if working for American company? [12]

My wife and I are moving to Poland but will continue to work for our American companies in dollars paid into American banks and paying American taxes. Will we be responsible for paying Polish income tax or ZUS on any of our income?

My wife's company has an office in Poland where she will be working. I will be working remotely for my company with no physical presence in Poland apart from me and my computer. Not sure if this distinction makes a difference in tax obligations.

21 Apr 2010
Life / Is it hard for a foreigner to give birth in Poland? [15]

That statistic is misleading because what is counted as a live birth and then death in the USA is counted as a still birth in other countries.

The infant mortality rate in the USA is 6.3 deaths per 1000 live births while the lowest reported is approximately 2.3 deaths per live births. In the United States, however, we count any infant exhibiting any sign of life as alive, no matter the month of gestation or the size of the fetus. In other European countries, they define the month of gestation and the size of the fetus before they count it as a live birth. For example, in France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands and Poland, the fetus must be at least 22 weeks and/or weigh 500 grams, if not, it is not a live birth and not counted as a part of the infant mortality rate.