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Taxes in Poland if working for American company?

DavidH 1 | 1
6 May 2010 #1
My wife and I are moving to Poland but will continue to work for our American companies in dollars paid into American banks and paying American taxes. Will we be responsible for paying Polish income tax or ZUS on any of our income?

My wife's company has an office in Poland where she will be working. I will be working remotely for my company with no physical presence in Poland apart from me and my computer. Not sure if this distinction makes a difference in tax obligations.

6 May 2010 #2
If you're spending more than 180 days in a year here then yes, you should be paying tax here.
nierozumiem 9 | 118
6 May 2010 #3
If you are earning any money in Poland for any period of time you should be paying tax in Poland, on the income earned in Poland. If you remain in Poland for more than 180 days you will become tax resident, and should pay tax to Poland on your global income.

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, then all of your global income is taxed by the US. You can offset your US taxes with taxes paid to Poland, and you have a fairly large "Foreign Earned Income Tax Credit". There is a lot more detail to this, and it can get very complicated if you are self-employed as you need to work out your SS contributions and withholding tax. Download IRS Publication 54 -"Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad". Happy Reading!
colourlesslight - | 5
14 Jan 2017 #4

Taxes - working remotely for a US company from Poland

Hello, I'm currently living in Poland. I work as an English teacher, but I'm also in the midst of working for a US company for a small project. Since the work is just contract-based, I'm considered a freelancer and I am not quite sure how taxes would work in Poland. What would my tax rate be? If anyone has any advice on this dilemma, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you :) Thanks.
syntrax - | 1
13 Apr 2017 #5

Do I need to pay taxes in Poland just visiting? Work remotely for US company.

So, here's my situation:

I'm a software engineer living in the US. I'll be marrying my fiance, a polish citizen.
Since I want to be in Poland for about 2 months, will I need to pay taxes in Poland?

I will be working remotely for my US company, everything will be as if I didn't even leave the US. Getting paid in the US.

No work will be done for any Polish company nor will I earn in zloty.

My company asked me to look into this to get remote access.

Thanks!!! :D
13 Apr 2017 #6
You don't have to worry about that.
tabrett 2 | 26
30 Aug 2018 #7

Working remotely in Poland for a US company

Hi, I was wondering if anyone works remotely in Poland for a US company? I've been in touch with a few different tax advisors, but it would be good to talk to someone in a similar boat.

I have a few questions but the biggest one right now concerns VAT. It's still not clear to me if my employer would need to pay the American version of VAT.

I'd love to hear from anyone in a similar situation!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
30 Aug 2018 #8
No, they won't pay anything. They'll just pay what's on your invoice, which is a gross amount without VAT (as it's outside the scope of EU VAT as your customer is outside the EU fiscal area.)
tabrett 2 | 26
1 Sep 2018 #9
Thanks! This is what I assumed too, although I've read on multiple sites that in the case of invoicing a company outside of Europe, (they are first sending me money and later I'm giving an invoice) I need to state that the VAT charge is on them which I'd rather not do. I don't want to make them concerned.
30 Apr 2019 #10
I'm currently living in Poland and I will stay here for the rest of the year, but my previous company (from Malta - EU), asked me to continue working for them remotely.

What kind of contract should I have? Can I ask them to pay the gross and then I will pay all the Taxs and Social Security here?

I read that I need to start my own company for that and pay to an accountant but is that what everybody does when they need to work for a foreign company?

Thank you for any help.
terri 1 | 1,664
30 Apr 2019 #11
The fact that you need an accountant is because you yourself will have to pay taxes and insurance and everything else. It has nothing to do with working for a foreign on local company. Many firms prefer this type of arrangement (i.e. you have your own company) because they do not have to pay you sick money when you are sick, or holiday money when you want to take time off. You are in effect working for yourself. You must have advice from a good accountant as to what is best for you.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 797
1 May 2019 #12
A good accountant is critical. VAT and ZUS can be troubling. VAT certification alone makes things difficult, it is not as simple as just signing up to collect and pay VAT. There is a physical inspection of the place you will conduct business. ZUS for a foreigner is expensive to start out until you get residency or citizenship. Do things by the book though or it will not only take you longer, but it will cost you more and in the end you may not get what you had hopped for. I set up my company before moving to Poland and everything was done through attorneys with experience.

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