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29 Mar 2010
Life / Are there street gangs in Poland like in USA? [18]

there are a lot of football hooligans (also known as ultras)

if you go to... for example... warsaw, and warsaw has a soccer team called legia
and your just wearing the Legia soccer jersey in a different city in poland. you will likely to get jumped or jacked. always if you will be walking in a city full of people like NYC, you have to be careful of getting your cellphone, wallet, etc. stolen. people will grab it like THAT!
29 Mar 2010
Study / Rumor about racism - will I be fine in Poland as a black International student from Africa? [230]

really man just be cool with people. wear a polish soccer jersey or something like that. just dont **** with people and dont look and stare at them. you should be good! if your also going to be eating with polish people always make positive comments. not just food lol, but anything you do with a polish person. hang out, drink, party, etc.

Warsaw is really cool man you will enjoy it. especially the girls and clubs!
29 Mar 2010
Love / African girl from USA dating a polish guy needs advice [38]

man im sorry. but there are a lot of racist people in Poland. Especially in Warsaw and Wroclaw. im from Wroclaw. but i do like black people. sorry but yeahh just telling you that a lot of people down here are racist. not to half black half white people tho :o
29 Mar 2010
Life / Where could I get MDMA. XTC in Poland? (drugs) [21]

im just geting tired of drinking lech and zywiec and weed every summer i go to poland. me and my friends down here are trying they best to find a mdma dealer.
29 Mar 2010
Life / Where could I get MDMA. XTC in Poland? (drugs) [21]

Use to live in Poland but now i moved to the US. comming back this summer.

I would like to know where is the most common place in poland where there is XTC. Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, etc.

How much it is for one pill

i would just like to know everything about MDMA XTC in Poland :)