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11 May 2017
Classifieds / Random Classifieds Ads Poland [261]

Merged: Programmers/local freelance portals in Poland Wanted

I am looking for programmers living in Poland, preferably Krakow but not essential.

Does anyone know if there are any polish freelance portals for programmers or have any other suggestions how I might meet some.

Thanks for the help.

12 Sep 2012
Language / Popular simple children's books in Polish? [11]

Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me some popular Polish children books? Preferably very simple stories for a young reader. Interested in text not pictures.


6 Jun 2012
Law / Polish speaking business partner [16]

Are you able to let me know about the general business forums?

That might well lead me to my next step...

5 Jun 2012
Law / Polish speaking business partner [16]


Lot's of interesting speculation here, but nothing helpful so far.

I have a successful company in the UK but I am relocating to Warsaw and would like to start a new enterprise.

Recent Graduate - If the candidate is smart enough, I am happy to coach them, even without prior business experience. But I am going to be reliant on someone with a fluency in Polish for a lot of the day to day grind so I would rather we both were equally invested and committed.

I am looking for a good place to start my search, possibly a busy Polish business forum, as this certainly doesn't seem to be the place.

If you have any helpful suggestions I would be very glad to hear them.

5 Jun 2012
Law / Polish speaking business partner [16]

I am looking for a fluent Polish speaking business partner in Warsaw.
A strong level of English will be essential.

Is anyone able to recommend where I can begin my search.

People with experience of business but who are not currently committed to any one business are preferable. I want someone who will be dedicated to the venture.

If anyone has any suggestions where I can find a talent pool, possibly recent graduates, that would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.
2 Nov 2011
Life / Free online Polish Television (TVN). [12]

Hi, I was just wondering if it was posible to view Polish television (polsat tvn etc) via streaming on the net, preferably for free.

Can someone recommend the best site for this in terms of quality and speed.

Thanking you kindly.

29 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish Lessons / Polish tutor wanted in Manchester [22]

Hi Guys,

I would be happy to take on a Polish Teacher, unfortunately I do not have a broadband connection at the moment and I am using a dongle (skype does not work)

So I am still looking for someone in Manchester to help me out.....

28 Mar 2010
Language / Is rosetta stone any good for learning Polish? [51]

Hi Serca,

Rosetta is great for filling your head with nouns at the very least!!

Just go through it all once you have a head full of nouns (the easy bit) you will need to do a lot of work on conjugating verbs and various other rules but I really would have struggled a lot more without a decent vocab.
28 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish Lessons / Polish tutor wanted in Manchester [22]

Hi there,

Im a young guy in Manchester who REALLY wants to learn Polish... I speak fluent English so if that is of any use to you I can help you out.

Ideally I would like to meet once maybe twice a week and just run through some Polish... not sure where to start... got a few nouns in my vocabulary and can conjugate some basic verbs.. that is about it.

Send me a message if you are interested.