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20 Feb 2014
Life / Where in Bydgoszcz can I buy Whey Protein, Smietana, dried meats etc? [8]

Whipped cream is Smietana 30 %, Whey protein shop around online on allegro etc. Mint sauce will be a difficult one once a year Lidl has a British week then they sell it. Beef jerkey can be found in Alma supermarket I think. Hope that helps :)
8 Jul 2013
Law / US citizen looking to live in Poland for 6+ months like a long-term tourist [51]

I have a few American friends that live in Lublin in the south east which is an hour or so drive from the Ukranian border. They basically just cross the border every 90 days and then come back and that does the trick. Quite an easy solution as no flying or high priced tickets involved.
26 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Moving to Poland from UK - how to watch English tv? [7]

I would lve to watch British or any other English speaking t.v channels ( E4, comedy central etc). Online would be best as don't want to fork out for a sat dish. Thanks in advance.
20 Feb 2013
Study / British Council for Celta, Warsaw [8]

It's the most well known and internationaly accepted teaching certificate hence the price. I must say worth it though :)
16 Dec 2011
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]

This coach is new and a very comfortable way to travel. It has plugs to connect a laptop to under each seat and a wifi connection. If you book well in advance you can travel for as little as 1zl! :)
30 Sep 2011
Food / Polish name for cut of beef [29]

I would recommend you buy some beef goulash cuts slightly fatty and mince them. You could also add some pork for a nice flavour :)
30 Sep 2011
Food / Polish name for cut of beef [29]

Sirloin is Rostbef I made the mistake and bought antrecote which is Ribeye! Saying that being a Beef lover after being dissapointed in te quality of beef many times for grillin or frying I would only buy Fillet Poledwica as it's the only tender cut here in Poland as they don't hang there meat. Apart from that cut's for goulsh are ok for stewing :)
26 Sep 2011
Life / Moving to Poland - When to get Left-hand-drive [10]

I was in the same position as you and your husband 2 years ago. We checked the best options and decided cost wise it was better to sell our right hand car and buy a left hand drive in the uk. We then sent a big amount with a Polish removal company which take your stuff direct from your home and deliver it to your home in Poland. They charge per kilo so be careful what you choose to take and leave we ended up paying around 400 pounds for the removal. It's very difficult to sell a right hand drive car here and also used car prices are much higher here and often in bad shape. The best place to find a lhd is on just search for a car and enter lhd as the keyword. Be careful that the car that you buy is an original lhd as if it's been converted from right to left hand drive and there no documentation to guarantee the parts used are 100% new then it can't be registered here. In the end we found a nice Saab drove with a fully packed car and our dog and took the euro tunnel all worked out well. I hope this helps I will look for the receipt I have from the removal company I can post the details for you. If you have any more questions just drop me a lone :)
16 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / Cheap buses to Poland from UK [13]

Their is a Polish bus that goes all over the UK and back to Poland the firms are called Sinbad and Agat unfortunately they only speak Polish so you will need to find someone to translate.
2 Apr 2010
Life / Parking Fines in Poland [26]

I got a fine like this in Lublin a few months ago for parking on the pavement seemingly you need to leave a metre and a half space between your car and the wall so people can pass. It looked the same as yours which is the norm here and yes its normal to go and pay at "Komisariat" When I went I played dumb spoke the worst Polish I could combined with English and a few minutes later they gave my license back asked what I did here in Poland and said there would be no fine. Try it let me know if it works :)