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18 Sep 2010
Food / Sliwowica traditional Recipe [4]

Hello. Does anyone has a the traditional recipe for Sliwowica? Can you post the recipe here, or post the link to a website.
16 Aug 2010
UK, Ireland / Homeless Poles living on barbecued rats and alcoholic handwash? [62]

Britain is already bankrupt like US...fact. I also know Brits who are doing it tough in their own country, and some English girls I know have thought about prosituting themselves. Its not only the Polish women who are prostuting. I also know some Brits who are university educated, and still can't get a job after 2 years of trying. So what does that tell you about the rest of the UK?
1 Apr 2010
Australia / Polish Culture in Melbourne, Australia [87]

I know this is for the Polish Melbournites but for your information there is a Polish Club (Milton) and Church (Bowen Hills) in Brisbane.

Wesołych Świąt (Wielkanoc)
17 Mar 2010
Australia / Finding work on Prospective marriage visa, Melbourne ( subclass 300 ) [30]

Correct me if I am wrong, why is that the government here is giving boat asylum seekers from Asia (e.g. Indonesia, Thailand) no problems with job placements and permanent residency, where we have a perfectly good Polka who can do a she is not illegally entering this country. This is one of the f&*(&king things I find that pisses me of about the Australian government so hypocritical..Someone correct me if I am wrong in my views. I am not racist believe me, but this thing what is good for one, and not for the other is unfair.

11 Mar 2010
Australia / Thinking about moving to Australia [39]


I live in Brisbane Queensland and I am Polish, and compared to other cities that I have visited here in Australia and overseas I think it is great place to live. . Sure like other cities there are problems, but from where I have been in Asia (like Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Kuala Lumpar), the US, and even in Europe i think Brisbane is not a bad place to live in comparison. Due to my work I have had the fortunate opportunities to travel these countries and witness first hand what they are like to live in, and make comparisons. The beaches & weather here in Queensland are good, the people are friendly and the beer is not bad. There is quite a large number of Polish people here in Brisbane (both young and old), where there is church (Our Lady of the Victories Bowen Hills) and Polish clubs (e.g. in Milton) built by the Polish community here. Likewise in the other state capital cities of Australia. Some Polish people that I know here, say they wouldn't leave Australia for quits. Each to their own.

Also I agree with people like Bolek, unless you have been here and seen it yourself then keep quiet as you don't know what the f&^^*k you're talking about.

11 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Help Renouncing UK Citizenship and gaining Polish one [24]

I don't understand why u want to give up your English citizenship considering that England/UK is part of the EU, and you can work in Poland?. Also if you speak Polish well then that is good.
3 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Marrying Polish Woman in UK/London [100]

I am Polish born here in Australia but my parents are Polish, and I have been granted Polish citizenship, and I do speak, read and write Polish. I took Polish school lessons here for many weekends that was delivered by the Polish community here in Australia when I was growing up. I am proud of my ancestral heritage. We are having the same sort of issues here in Australia, where the middle easterns are trying to get Australian citizenship but don't really want to integrate to the Australian way of life. The Australian government is now making it tough to get Australian citizenzship where you have to sit down for an exam about Australian history, geography etc and have a good command of English, and when being issued a passport for the first time you have to be interviewed by the Federal government to get the passport even though you have been granted citzenship.

I just say this to those trying to marry Europeans just to get EU citizenship, but at the end you don't want to abide to the way of life within that EU state ********* off back to your country. I have worked overseas, and my belief is whilst you in that country respect and live by that country's rules don't try to change that country. As the old saying goes ' Whilst in Rome do what the Romans do'.