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26 Feb 2010
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

Oh yes they.You should of seen that one coming. They are arrogant penny pinching, disrespectful gold diggers. I have had a polish friend who i had to get rid of she tryed to use my house like a hotel when i let her stay here once. Then lost her mind and got really angry at me when i cut her off because of it i think she thought she had me pegged as a permantant place to use as a hotel for her and her bf when she was in england. I have also had a polish female lodger who told me she was going to pay me £50 less rent a month because i removed my own vacum from the house, which i left in the beginning out of kindness for a month or 2!

Oh and yesterday i got told off in my local cafe by some nasty Polish girl because she charged me £2.40 for a sandwich instead of £2.65 which was her fault...Rather than just leave it she chased me out of the cafe and looked at me in discust before banning me from the cafe i have used for 15 years!! Over 25p!!!!! which i would of happily given her if she had asked me for it at the till!!

Your Lucky she diddnt get your house..I dont think they like us at all they just want our money..Keep away from them.
26 Feb 2010
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

Iwona You sound like a miserable cow. If you dont like our culture why on earth are you here. Go back to Poland where you can be as rude as you like. Really go away.

Yes many Polish are Rude. Very Rude. especially the women.