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23 Feb 2010

STUS: variant spelling of stos and sztos meaning blow, jab, shove, thrust, stab or other forceful and painful direct contact. Originally from German StoƟ.

Thanks so much! Would you happen to know what part of Poland this name is from?
23 Feb 2010
Love / How do Polish boys feel about foreign girls? [159]

Both of my Grandmothers stayed home and took care of the children, house and home. And trust me, they were not "well off". If need be, my Grandfathers would get a second job, or side work because they believed that it was a mans job to take care of his family and a woman's job to take care of the children. And honestly ... What man wouldn't want to come home after a hard day of work and have dinner ready for them at the table? Another thing, did you ever smell freshly baked bread <3 ... I would LOVE to have my home filled with that glorious aroma every day. It would be a lot healthier than eating store bought, bleached white bread. More cost effective too.

Harsh reality Bex, most women have always worked, Its just now, women are competing for the same jobs as men (high profile jobs)...

I have no problem with a woman educating herself. But like I said. Once a woman is a mother, that is her job. 100% Do men get paid maternity leave? If you want to talk about equal rights, should a father get paid to stay home with his child also? (I am joking btw) So no, I don't believe a mother should get paid for maternity leave, because I don't believe she should get paid to have a child, and I don't believe she should go back to work after having a child. And you are correct, none of this would have happened had women not campaigned for womens rights. Which is why I also said ...

I would personally like to go back in time and slap the crap out of who ever came up with feminism and equal rights.

People now a days are so infatuated with having bigger, better and more, they totally forgot about family. My Grandparents had less ... less money, smaller house, but they had family. A GREAT family structure. Their children were well behaved, their family was close knit. They ate dinner every night together.

Families today are more worried about having the bigger and better things in life, the faster car, the bigger house. Kids today, HA ... they are little jerks! No respect for anyone. Families hardly eat dinner together ... probably because Mommy is out competing to get a mans job, she is too concerned with that.

Now you go back to watching whatever 1950s cr*p you enjoy "how life used to be" IN THE MOVIES!

Life wasn't like that "in the movies". Maybe your Grandmothers should have stayed home and tended to the family. Maybe you wouldn't be so bitter about our roll in life and you would embrace it.

This is not a bashing by the way, its a reality check for you - people can no longer afford to even pay the bills in the UK if they have a family and a single income - its not about consumerism - its about survival.

I didn't take it as "bashing". I don't get offended easily. Well, you have fun at work today. I think I may go bake some bread.

"It is not about consumerism, it is about survival" ... Shoot, show me a working Mommy who can make dinner out of flour, eggs and potatoes, and make it taste amazing! ... THAT my friend is survival.
23 Feb 2010
Love / How do Polish boys feel about foreign girls? [159]

Ha! Yes, I am a female. I know where my place is. I know what my job is. I would personally like to go back in time and slap the crap out of who ever came up with feminism and equal rights. I am all about a woman going out and furthering her education, but when it comes time to get married and have a family, a woman's job is to stay home and take care of her man and her children.

Maybe that is one of the big problems in this world. Everyone is too overly consumed with making money and have more more more. Seems to me, things were a hell of a lot better "back in the day" When women knew their place. In the kitchen.

(I know I will probably get a lot of crap from women for this, but deep down they know it is true)
23 Feb 2010
Love / How do Polish boys feel about foreign girls? [159]

We have much more in mind than that polish girls who just want to get married n stay home taking care of a dozen of kids.

What is wrong with staying home and taking care of a dozen children? That is a woman's job!