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14 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / No job unless you're Polish [201]

polish people can speak russian

polish people can speak polish.

polish people can speak english


english can speak just english.


so, every employer has right to choice talented employees

doesn't s/he?
13 Mar 2010
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

other muslim countries are not very respected either.. and they been at war
since war became a word.. centuries..

Least the turks helped Poland when help was needed..

thank you pat! everytime...

polish people are the most respectful people of whole europe, they re not imperialist, they never attached to other nations sth.

and they respected other beliefs also, tataric muslims and catolic polish people are always lived in peace in beatiful country, but when you looked the other countries, the spain kicked jews, in germany catolics and protestans killed each them centruies, when you look from this side, you can see a highly culture..

you just defended your motherland...

in any war... (1st, 2nd world war)

i am respecting and supporting this...

poles doesnt have any fingerprint in africa or south america, or middle asia...

and, --i am speaking on myself -- i am always near that your beatiful country, your kind people..

9 Mar 2010
Life / Which on the list of Polish girl's names do you like the most? [67]

I need your help =) Which on the list of girl's names do you like the most?

I will have a girl in the spring I am having a hard time deciding the names.

first of all, i wish your daughter a nice, happy life in her whole life. i wish your daughter never leaves the holy light of beliaving, i wish your daughter will be a good person to her family, and her community. i wish your daughter will be always respectful and good daughter to her parents. i wish your daughter will be so suucesful in her school, bussiness and private life. and i wish her to be a good mother to your grandsons and granddaughter. i wish your doughter never injure any person in her life. and i hope she will go to heaven after hse leaves the world.


i advice you a holy name from our holy book quran, i advice you to name her(mariam) (polish: MARYJA) with the mother of prophet jesus, according to quran, she was very holy woman, she always safe her chastity and after the end of life she win the heaven. i hope your daughter will be honored woman like her.


according to the holy book:

"I oto powiedzieli aniolowie: "O Mario! Zaprawde, Bóg wybral ciebie i uczynil cie czysta, i wybral ciebie ponad kobietami swiatów." The Holy Quran 3/42
28 Feb 2010
News / Should 16-year-olds in Poland vote? [58]

i think vote age must be 15, because future is belong to youth. and a person who finished his 15'th year, can realize which political party is true for country.

young people has dreams, as the age pass they lost their dreams, and accepts to the realities of life, stops to change the world..

because of that, they need to shout louder in managing to country.

PC: i am older than 18
15 Feb 2010
Travel / Which cities in Poland are nice to visit [80]

you have to go to Katowice man...

there is Hitler's Auschwitz camp in Oswiecim town (which is near to Katowice city) and Wieliczka Salt Mine near to Katowice district, (i couldn't visited because of extremely cold but i hope i will visit), inside of that mine there is a church which was made from salt.
15 Feb 2010
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]


there are lots lots of bad reasons to live in turkey. And turkey has a laicist policy.

the most beatiful country on the world is iran. (because it is an islamic repuablic, neither they are sia). And state cares about the member's rights.

the second is poland. (may be yes, they re not muslim, but they are strongly beliavers, and respectful people.)


this countries could be extremely cold. (katowice -25 C in february) or extremely hot (tehran +35 Celcius in agust) but a country is beatiful because of the people who live on, or bad because of the people who live on.

i wisited beatiful poland, and i hope i will be wisit beatiful iran soon... (inshallah)
13 Feb 2010
Polonia / Which country is better SPAIN or POLAND [100]

of course Poland.

Poland is the 2nd most beatiful country in the world. (after iran)

most beatiful, worth country to live in the europe.

Ps: No i am not an iranian citizen, or persian race, or came somewhere from iran, thats objectivity.
12 Feb 2010
Love / Polish Girls vs Russian Girls [813]


russian(or german) girls: when they are young, they are beatiful, when they get old, they became ugly

turkish girls: when they are young, they are ugly, when they get old, they still ugly

polish girls: when they are young, they are beatiful, when they get old, still wery beatiful (angels never became old)


russian(or german) girls: at first they are considerative, after some time passed the starting of relation, they became selfish. (they became spoilt)

turkish girls: they always think they are untouchable princess, as a fact that, wery big persentage of them are ugly

polish girls: knows value of a person who cares them, never became spoilt

for example, when you go dinner somewhere with a girl, if the girl is turkish she always waits you to pay the bill.

if the girl is german or russian she wants to pay her own bill first time, if you pay first, in second time she offers to pay in half-mouth, in third time she waits you to pay the bill like an ordinary turkish girl.

if the girl is polish, she never lets you pay the bill 2nd time, she pays the whole bill in second time.

loyalty and jelausness:

turkish girls: are extremely jelaus, but whenever they find better man, directly broke the relationship

russian and german girls: they are not jelaus, but they can cheat any time they desire.

polish girls: are not jelaus and wery loyal, never think to look better man.



polish girls are created by Allah, to prove the mankind, there is an heaven for belivers. and polish girls are heaven girls whom are living in woman format in the world...
10 Feb 2010
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

i love poland...


my friend's family that i wisited, respected my religional beliefs and they said they didn't bought any pork meat for 3 weeks at house...


they gave me the most beatiful room of their house when i wisited...


when i was in poland, when i paid someting from bakery and paid 2 zl for 1.80 the shopkeeper called me back and paid 20 groche back...


noone said me expensive price when they realized i am a foreigner..


every nation on the world, wanted to make their country bigger, in some period, first romans, than arabs, mongolians, macedonians, ottomans, hispanics, englishes, and at last soviets, germans (hitler) and at least the americans...


polishes are get on war just for defending their motherland.


they are so much religious, they pray to allah (yes, allah and god, and also yehove goes to same door brother) and wery respectful to the people from other religions...


polish girls are very beatiful,


german girls, scandinavian girls, russian girls are also seem very beatiful, blue eyes, blonde hairs


polish girls are respectful, they think you minimum theirself, their inside also beatiful, this is also seem in whole polish community...

a place is beatiful because of the people that living on it. or bad because of the people they living on it.

so in my opinion:

poland, is a small example, a minature,an agency of heaven in the world.


so, can you show me a reason not to be like poland? :)))
10 Feb 2010
Love / Polish girlfriend going back to Poland if I dont buy engagment ring [85]

my polish girlfriend says she going to leave me if i dont buy her a engagment ring been together for two years and say no to sex before marriage but we had it before

there are two options:

1-) you love her, than why don't you go into marriage way?

2-) you don't love her, than why do you care that she is planning to broke with you?


if you cant answer that two questions, there is a 3rd option, it is one fact, you are just having fun with her.