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1 May 2012
Genealogy / Lubuskie Region / Rąpice Cemetery [19]

Hi Betty,
Have you been successful in finding any records from Kloppitz? The church in Rampitz is gone, as well as the church records - I'm told. I visited those two villages in March of 2008. My great grandfather left Kloppitz in 1885.
4 Feb 2010
Genealogy / Lubuskie Region / Rąpice Cemetery [19]

Looks like someone just woke up from a very long sleep and now wants everything ready & please explain on his plate.

if it is such an issue for you to reply, why do you bother? i'm just looking for some local impressions of what went on, the processes and the results. i don't take everything i read here as fact, but i do appreciate people's input, including yours, for the most part.
29 Jan 2010
Genealogy / Lubuskie Region / Rąpice Cemetery [19]

My family came from the villages of Rampitz and Kloppitz (now Rąpice and Kłopot) in what is now the Lubuskie region. It is my understanding that the Lutheran Church and Cemetery in Rampitz were razed by the Poles when they moved into the village after WW2. I have been to these villages, and found no trace of either church or cemetery (except the "new" Polish Cemetery). Do old village maps exist that might show the locations?

Also, does anyone know how the Poles came to reside in these villages? From what I have read, Poles from the eastern part of the country were "given" new homes in these formerly German villages. Were they simply allowed to pick and choose? Did they pay the government for the property?

I'm interested in hearing from anyone with a connection (past or present) to these villages.