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7 Apr 2007
Genealogy / I'm polish and have a darker complexion - WHY? [78]

I always wanted to be darker :) it just looks, well, healthier to me

FISZ: would you mind telling us what is your tribe? People in Poland have a lot of respect and sympathy to Native Americans, although most of them "learned about Indians" from Karol May. I'm sure you heard about this guy by now, right?
27 Mar 2007
Food / Borscht - Zurek / Bialy barszcz recipe [153]

I've just got back from Chicago with some good sausage and white cheese (farmers cheese? the polish one), cooked some white barszcz, added eggs and cheese: this is my favourite soup, delicious.
27 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / What kind of American food do Poles like most? [80]

Well, snacks, cakes, pies aren't a food really, polish people like to eat, like to eat a lot, like to eat a lot of meat. Beef stew would probably make them happy, also, slow roasted prime rib. As far as "smaller" things you could try some mexican things. And pumpkin pie isn't popular in Poland, I guess some of them may find it very interesting.