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5 Oct 2010


does anybody holds that visa ? "457"?
if yes, i wanted to ask how did you find employer willing to sponsor you and who waited for you as for a worker 2-3 months before you atarted to work. processing the visa takes 8-12 weeks so how did you arrange things ?

myself, i had been working 9 years in cruise industry, and now i want to settle down and move to "aussieland" to NSW preferably. i wanted to go to see migration agent but i dont think it is nessesary if in the immigration dept i ve been told that they charge lots just to complete the documents - i can take of it myself.

if anybody has any information about my case i will appreciate your reply

7 Jan 2010
Love / Filipina having a relationship with a Polish Man [95]

Im POLE living in Poland if you have any questions about polish guys , just ask.
Personally i have to say that if a guy was born in Poland and was grown in Aus. - sorry but he has nothing to do with our mentality !!!

You have to live here to behave like us - i know many people who was just born in Poland or their parents are polish but sorry they have nothing to do with our mentality and behaviour !!!

by the way only Polonia - which are migrations of Poles arround world DANCES POLKA !!!
we have really no idea what is it !
when we go to the disco we dance like everybody to the rythm of international modern music !!!
and yes we do complain about our health system and politics bec we know it can be much better - i understand the viewfrom your point but for us living here is not really an utopia . medicines are expensive, doctors if u want to get really good care in the hospitals you have to pay - its corrupted maybe not so much like in ph. but still

about our guys - you know there are always good and bad people and you cant generalize them i have to say we are workoholics - bec in our mentality in to take care about our family

but no worries only our wife and kids. we dont have to support all family,
bad thing is that waht we say "the best you look with your family is on the photo" is true
and girls if you live with a guy and he said he doesnt want to marry you - he is honest and thinks you want it too - he will never marry you.

its bad to say about our nation but we are rasist !!!
maybe not so much about asians as about black people but still when you will go on the streets everybody will look at you.
well i think is same in Ph. , when you see white person. i know that haveing white boyfreind it means prosperity for you girls but its not always like that - believe me.

and besides of all that we have cold winters maybe not -30 C but -15C happens :))
i dont know what else to say if any questions just ask
see ya

btw i happened to have Pinoy boyfriend:)

hey and our buys they dont sing much ...maybe under the shower only hehe
7 Jan 2010
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]

im not sure if its not too late !!!
the best will be:
Niech Mowia Ze To Nie Jest Milosc - Piotr Rubik
good luck