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26 Feb 2010
Work / Extending Working Visa by a non-EU foreigner in Poland [4]

I know that there are similar topics but I couldnt find the answer to this one.

First I want to know if its possible for foreigner (NON EU-JAPAN) to get a working permit/visa for poland for more than one year.

Also, I want to know if you want to extend the working permit/visa for poland because your work contract is extended, then where do you need to go get your visa extended?

Do I need to go back to my home country and go to Polish embassy like I did the first time, or could I just do it in Poland?
21 Sep 2010
Law / Does Karta Pobytu allow me to stay in Poland for 2 years and work in any job? [5]

Ive looked for information about polish immigration laws,,, and i couldnt find many matches so I decided to ask on this forum.

I have worked in poland under visa obtained from my home country for one year.
This is my second year and now, I got karta pobytu for two years.

Its confusing because Ive always had VISA on my passport, and now I have this card... nothing on my passport.

So with this Karta Pobytu (Its for two years) I can stay in Poland for two years and work in any job? Do I have to have a contract with the company I am in now? because the contract is only one year and I got this karta porbytu for two years which is confusing.

If I am inside of EU with this Karta pobytu for two years, and I go back to my home country, and I come back to EU, They wont have a problem with this right?

Its just funny to me since its just a card,,, nothing said, just the expire date (which is in two years) and "short time stay card" or something like that...

If anyone here is an expert or knows about the immigration in poland, please let me know!