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7 Apr 2010
Law / Poland - Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu - required documents [141]

I don't know exactly,but as far as I know,you can leave all these documents to one person and write a agreement which prove you allowed this person to do so and blabla...and let this person go to the immigration office to hand in your documents.

Uwaga!when you come back to pick up thall these stuff(decision or card) you have to ask the same person for help to get the card,or they won't hand over to you.The other choice is that you write one more agreement to the office to show you are allowed by the applicant (the person who deliver your documents to the office)to take this card by yourself,which sounds a little bit stupid,and it happens to me last year,even though I have all kinds of documents to prove I'm the owner of the decision,it didn't work.So if you have your friend there, be sure take agreements with him or her and get the stamp on the agreement from the zero floor in one special room just for taking stamps.
3 Apr 2010
Travel / Chinese, UK visa holder can visit Poland without visa? [28]

I know many polish who study in china for chinese.
I don't know what it is used for.
I know many chinese girls in scandinavia countries with polish boyfriends,which is weird enough.
I don't know how it happens.
I know poland is a nice country.
I don't know why some polish guys are not nice enough.

Anyway,I like poland,but I don't know how to persuade my boyfriend into thingking about chinese and come to china with me!!!
20 Mar 2010
Genealogy / Any Polish Tatars here? [95]

Yeah,you're right

BTW: the term is TATAR, not tartar

But you mean I made a mistake or I mix it?If you thought I had made a mistake,you are wrong.
Tatar is Tatar,while if you read the mogolian history book,you will find Tartar is Turks and Mogolian.(not the turks today,i mean the turks hundred years ago).For them,which is the proud and arrogant Mogolian,Tartar is much more formal.

Tartar influenced our culture extremely deeply,one of the north tribes lingering on Siberia and their development last hundreds of years.From more than 2000years before, we began to defend ourselves against Hun(Somebody said that hun fled to Europe and became some tribes in nowadays Hungary).500 years ago due to the attack from Tartar and Turk,we rebuilt and joined all walls together formed the Great Wall.

So I don't know which one you are coming from,I mean how many years ago your grand grand father went to Russia(at that time that is not Russia).Nowadays Tatar public in Russia is the nation left by Mogolian.They are not russian,i mean the nation,not the citizen.Some tribes expanded to Europe when Mogolian conquered Asia and Europe.

Of course nowadays everybody who alive has been created millions years ago,so nation and history.we are the survivors.

P.S don't regard Tatar and Turks,or you can say Turkic is united.Tatar this tribe name first appeared in the recorded book in Turkic,Tatar was slaved by Turks.

Tatar first known and recored by Chinese is 840,which connected with others tribes.
After Tatar replaced turks became the main residents in Mogolia,Tartar,this word began to refer to all tribes except Mogolian who lives in north of china.

Later after Mogolian replaced Han(which is Chinese)in China,Tatar became some part of Mogolian,while they are different
20 Mar 2010
History / Historical Polish parades [10]

wow,i hope so.
But i guess I would not.Because I'm not polish.Every year here in Poland I attain almost every polish parade.
If it is corret,I found that generally young people is not the majority.Old people much more than the people between 22-30,what's more,the number of parents with children is also much more larger than teenagers.Maybe not precisely,because this is accounted by me and my friends.

When I first talked to my polish friends about parade in poland,I was also shcoked,but than I found dozen of them said so,not just two,i didn't say tow of them.I've to confess they are polish,i do hope they are not,cuz i really appreciate polish's brave and spirit and passion for their country during ww1,2,even though after ww2 against russia,because at that time we,chinese,the patriotism could not compete with Polish's.

While as a Chinese,I mean the whole nations,now are willing to have magnificent parade every year,this is not show off,this is not building GDP,this is not learning France,etc.We need to tell the rest of the world,even tough all countries on this planet go against us,we will defend our state to the end.
20 Mar 2010
Language / Do Poles prefer US American or UK English language? [147]

i guess there is no predominate one.
someone speaks british accent,while some one with american
But I found many professors with british,I guess american cultrue,i mean soft power is much more stronger,because the majority of the young they speak with american accent
20 Mar 2010
Genealogy / Any Polish Tatars here? [95]

Maybe you can find it in mogolian history book?

Tatar.So you are a polish or tartar?or a tartar bored in poland?You are a minority?

Polish tartar,interesting,because I know tartar in east russia.they wouldn't say their nationality like this.
20 Mar 2010
Love / Filipina having a relationship with a Polish Man [95]

I like polish guys,or men,whatever,they are turly as what you'd said.
But I have no ideas about straight guys here in poland,while my boyfriend was really nice,even though we broke up for a couple of months and haven't seen each others,i still miss him.

Some polish guys are quite rude,i guess uneducated,not civilized,act like bastards.....of course many different people in this world,we can't exepect anyone behave according to the noble standards.

Generally,polish guys are nice,industrious,hard working,dreamers,sometimes they are a little bit cynic,but I like
20 Mar 2010
History / Historical Polish parades [10]

it seems that polish don't like parade.
My friends,which are polish friends said that is a waste of money.
20 Mar 2010
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1558]

i have to say completely agree with you.
polish is the most ,most,most difficult language to learn.i guess maybe easy for E.T
i'd learned russian for 8 months and scores 5 for grammar test.
when i came to poland and finished 8 months polish classes,i'm still in lost. Een though i didn't touch russian for a year,my russian is still better,and much better than polish

P.S.chinese is extrmemly easy compared with indio-euro language,i mean all the language.
chinese doesn't have cases,genders,tenses,anything.there even doesn't exsit grammar!!!
11 Mar 2010
Love / Polish guys who have never had girlfriends [71]

I have one polish friend who is 20 have never got a girl.
He is a workholic,perfect nice guy,even there is no one can compete with him in my view.
I thougt he is home at the beginning.But then I realised he is a heter
11 Mar 2010
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

I don't knwo if there is somebody who can identify whether you are a polish or a american or a german or who knows which countries in europa you are coming from.

don't tell me american comes from anthropoid in american continent.that will be a surprise.
11 Mar 2010
Travel / Poland from a Persian Tourist's Perspective [269]

Yes,you're quite right about your feelings of this forum.
Some Poles are nice ,while some are not.Genernally the guys I met still fine.
But I developed such kind of complete different views with yours to the rural area.I'm a asian and have been in Poland for almost two years,I felt the people I met in small cities are much better than the ones I met in Warsaw.
28 Dec 2009
Life / Russian Language - is it offensive if I speak it to Polish people? [69]

I would suggest that since most Poles don't like speaking Russian, even if they can.
i do not understand what you are speaking about :)
I am Russin living in Poland. Very often people speaks to me in russian in shops,restaurants, streets - even i speak with them on Polish. But every one always happy to mention that they had learned Russian at school, remember some words , knows Pushkin and have some friends in Russia /

This is what I said,even though one nation there are different people.I lived in Russia in St.Petersburg for one year and came to Warsaw Last year.I met some girls like travelers or somebody like this,they were so surprised that I spoke Russian to them in the old town in one of the ice cream shop.Do you know wht the assistant said to us,she was,it seems to me at middle age,she said Russian plz speak out of the shop!!!And also I realize that russian and polish,i refer the nations,their relationship is not so good as polish with german
28 Dec 2009
Life / What's wrong with you, Polish people - is it an inferiority complex? [123]

"About the superiority of Polish Culture over the Muslim Culture",
"How dare those German bustards this and that... "
"Those damned Jews - 'enough said"

I'm not a Polish,but I have the same feeling
They tallked something really nasty back of a person who has different belief