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3 Dec 2009
Study / Learning at Kul Catholic University in Lublin, Poland! [5]

Hello Polishforum and greetings from Norway :)

I`m new to this forum and wondering about if anyone have some experience when it comes to learning the Polish language at Kul school in lublin. Is it a good school?

I`m planning to go there next year in February and hope they can teach me polish :D. And also how is it to study in Poland in general? i am not sure what is waiting for me when i move to Lublin. Will it be difficult to find an apartment at the beginning of the 2nd semester?

Hope someone can answer my questions.
3 Dec 2009

If you want to try to learn some stuff fast i recommend for you somthing called Michel thomas method. Its a very good audio course to get to use to how Polish sentences are constructed and at the same time you learn new words very fast and how grammar in polish works. Only downside can be that you have to know some english ofcourse to use it.

Hope this tip will help you.