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4 Aug 2014
Language / jest - są / female/male nouns - Polish Grammar help please [10]

wouldn't worry so much about it, there aren't/isn't in Polish, translated word for word, means 'doesn't have' as in it doesn't have 2 houses

i disagree.

If you ask someone to drive down a dirt road to check and see if a house, or houses are hidden behind a thick treeline, they are not going to return and say to you, in English, "It doesn't have houses." They will say, "There aren't any houses" or "There isn't a house."
3 Aug 2014
Language / jest - są / female/male nouns - Polish Grammar help please [10]

ok so anything with 2 , 3 or 4 uses sa' and the noun keeps it normal dictionary spelling

. but chaging words because its a number 2 , 3 , or 4 .. now thats just mental .

you're just scratching the surface. consider this:

There are 2 houses.... - "Sa dwa domy....."

There aren't 2 houses.... - "Nie ma dwoch domow....."

In this example, the "normal dictionary spelling" changes, as well as the number.....even though it's the same number....all because of "are" vs. "are not".

2 Aug 2014
Language / jest - są / female/male nouns - Polish Grammar help please [10]

also .. is kanapki a female noun ?

kanapki is plural for kanapka, so yeah, femamine (damski) noun.

piec' jajek " --- why is this a " yest" answer ? and " ile tu yest kluczy " - tu ?? cztery klucze .. why is this a sa' answer ? ... and why does kluczy become klucze

"ile" requires "jest" with "to be" but you quantify using "5 and above" with the noun "ile" is referring to. for example:

"ile domow jest?"

"ile samochodow jest?"

"ilu mezczyzn jest?"

the simpler and more " cave man" the answer the better thanks .

for the most part, the explanation is quite straightforward, it's just a lot to digest. lots of ins and outs in Polish. if the person that's giving you grammar advice can't explain it in "caveman terms", find somebody else to ask.
1 Aug 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

We were looking at the following statement: English-speakers look at Poles who do not use the article "the" or "a" as unintelligent.

not using articles is not why an American, or any other native english speaker, would think Poles specifically sound unintelligent because many other countries speak English the same way. i've already provided examples.
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

Whether it's incapability or laziness, I'll let you decide.

Possibly a combination of both, but I mainly blame public schools. They push these kids through, regardless of how uneducated they might be.

- Every single White American has ancestry from Europe or Australia.

OK. So where would this mass exodus head to? Would millions of Americans, born and raised in the USA, leave everything they know and move to.....Italy? Spain? Ireland? Poland? Russia? Czech Republic? Where would they all "flea" to if they spoke these languages? What European countries offer so much more than the USA that would cause these Americans to leave the USA entirely?
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

It depends on whether the person who's looking at them considers linguistic fluency a sign of intelligence.

now you're changing your discourse.

you theorized that people thought Poles were unintelligent because of their lack of article usage and that it made them sound dumb. i pointed out other countries where their people speak English without articles as well and are not looked at as dumb because of it, debunking your theory. your follow up to this doesn't pertain to your original statement. moving on.

What is your opinion on the stereotype of the "stupid Polack"?

i have no opinion.

And yes, it was just a theory... I've never been to America or Canada so I couldn't tell you the full story about why or even whether Americans......hate Polish people.

Americans don't hate Polish people. This forum needs to just drop that entire idea. England? Maybe. I've heard plenty of animosity towards Poles from the English. In America though? No way. Granted, I've never lived in Greenpoint or the Polish sections of Chicago or Detroit, but Poles in general are simply not hated on in the states. I'll throw this in, wife is Polish and she's never so much as mentioned anyone being biased towards her because she's Polish.
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

If Americans were able to learn a 2nd language, you would see mass exodus back to Europe

not sure i understand. "back" to Europe?

also, what do you mean by "were able to" learn a 2nd language? are you suggesting that Americans are incapable of learning languages?

Often English-speakers consider this a sign of unintelligence on the part of Poles, not realising that their language has seven grammatical cases and more than enough ways to specify which doctor sees what patient, if more detail is required.

in my opinion, this is a bad theory. Russians talk the same way and they're not looked at as dumb. Asians notoriously speak without articles and almost everyone looks at Asians as being anything but unintelligent.
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

I have family ( they are legally) there and paradise it is not.

who is making that claim?

Is comparing property prices absurd?- it is very normal procedure.Have you ever read any financial paper ?

I have, but I'll do you one better. I've lived in Poland for years, and have lived, and now live, in the USA. I also own property here. I know a thing or two about what costs what. Where are you getting your data from?
25 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

Excluding places like Washington, New York.... property prices in USA are not different that in Poland.

this is why whatever you think about "here vs there" is completely wrong. have you ever lived in the USA? comparing property prices in the USA vs. Poland is just absurd.

With low value of USD, lots areas with crappy boarded houses, unemployment - USA is no paradise any more.

low value of USD? you mean 3 times the value of the zloty? unemployment? it's LOWER in the USA than in Poland. considerably less, actually. boarded houses? where, frickin' Detroit?! get outta town, man.
25 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

Many enter the united states and stay here on an illeagle level....

it seems as though the US government feel the same, and are aware of this information. hence, why poles still stand in line in the cold at the embassy (hoping for a visa). it was unbelievable to me how many poles I met in poland that would tell me about their uncle or friend or cousin that went to the USA and never came back....and then they'd snicker about how they are there illegally. it was as though every pole i met knew of another pole that left for the USA and stayed illegally.

Poland lost millions of its citizens to the UK alone when the borders opened up, and that's with very little refuge or social support upon arrival. And, when you consider the fact that in a country made up of 40 million, with many of that number either too old to work or too young to work, disabled, sick, etc., even half a million of your able bodied population is devastating to a country's economy. Poland educates its people with tax dollars, and then those people get the hell on somewhere else that pays better and offers a better quality of life. it's bad financial planning to say the least.

consider the huge polish neighborhoods in the USA, neighborhoods that have been in existence for many decades, well rooted into society. polish doctors, polish lawyers, polish supermarkets, polish employers, polish politicians, polish labor unions, polish contractors....and of course, their own families and friends that already live there. it is NOTHING for a pole to move to the USA and set up shop, all without knowing a lick of english. something to consider if the USA opened up the borders for Poles.

because they are indoctrinated since their birth to hate everything Slavic. the case of the USA, no. that would be a false statement. i've never even been to Canada so I can't comment regarding Canada.
20 Jun 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

I can only say, believing in everything media are telling you even if you can check facts easily enough doesn't bode well for humanity.

ok, so your response doesn't make sense.

it's not media, it's just as you say....fact. make sense or don't type.
2 Jun 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

Even the most rabid Radio Maryja Polish Catholic can't deny that the Vatican has accepted that fact.

this forum is just more evidence of how that's quite the contrary. look no further than Lolek. "fiction" to him. you and I apparently couldn't possibly understand "the inner workings of the church". i don't know about you but abominable crimes against children need not an explanation.
1 Jun 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

I don't even consider Lolek part of the conversation anymore but because his last statement was an argument used by so many other deniers, i'll entertain it for a minute.

Harry's on the right track. also, key word is "convicted". when a parent finds out about a teacher and a child, it's jail time, every time. the same most certainly cannot be said about the RCC. just think, there are countless priests the authorities name, that molested children.....and yet there they sit, never to serve a day in prison. imagine, some of them were moved to other churches in other locations where they continued to do more of the same thing. anyone think there are any 2nd grade teachers out there that are known child molesters and as part of the solution they just moved them to another school district.....instead of going to prison, as the law states?

ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a world wide fraternity that outlaws women from being part of the club. that swears to be celebate for LIFE, denying themselves what is quite possibly the strongest urge a man has with food and water its only equal. that wears completely faaaaabulouuuuuus shiny colorful gowns and funny hats. this is evidence of someone SERIOUSLY conflicted in their sexuality.
23 May 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

Nobody has proven that he was told about it and said 'meh, whatever, let it continue.'

this, I don't even know where to begin, man. you're right on par with holocaust deniers.

first and foremost, he wasn't born on a monday and tuesday he became "The Pope". he moved up the ranks like everyone else. the man was 26 years old when he was ordained and after 32 years in the business, he became pope. 32 years. i'd say that's plenty of time to figure out that child abuse is a problem within the RCC. who woulda thunk it....tens of thousands of men, all sworn to never ever touch a woman for the rest of their lives, many of them living together, wearing dresses and funny hats.

you are criminally insane, or possessed; I'm going to pray for you

yes....please do. pray that he "figures it out" that Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ, is "the right way" and if and only if he accepts Jesus Christ as his savior, he will be accepted into heaven. if he could only be more like you and the millions of other Christians that pray to the "right" god and give themselves an opportunity for a life that will go on forever in heaven. as for the jews, muslims, buddhists, or anyone else really for that for them.
21 May 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

Because that is how people react when one of the greatest figures from their country is attacked by a foreigner.

it's reasonable to say, but religion is in a class of its own and most assuredly gets a "pass" like no other.

with all this said, the attack isn't specifically on PJP2, it's a cover up that's been going on longer than any of us have been alive, it's just that we're talking about PJP2, and this was part of his life. being an intricate player in the covering up of thousands and thousands of crimes unspeakable and unthinkable to most. when you think of the catholic faith, it's par for the course, really. think of the old testament and the genocide that "occurred" during those times. imagine an all powerful god that creates a world and a civilization, entirely his design, and then at some point he gets disappointed in everyone's he murders them all. mothers clutching their children in their homes as the walls catch on fire and they both get baked alive inside a burning inferno. fathers trying to collect his children and save his wife by bringing them to the top of a mountain to save them from drowning, only to then see a 500 foot wave crash down on all of them, his family gets ripped out of his hands, and he, along with his wife and young children, drown to death.

all excusable. in fact, regardless of how terrible of an event that occurred then, or occurs now, it's always chalked up to "god's will", and when something great happens....yeah, he gets the credit for that too. it must be nice to play both sides of the court. kinda like living in the Vatican, waving your hand and "blessing" sick people, being worshiped by millions, only to simultaneously sit idle while thousands upon thousands of children fall victim to what is quite possibly the worst, most disgusting crime of all....sexual child abuse.

i'm not picking on JP2 because so many before him, and now after him have done the same....i'm simply saying that to call him a saint is....well.....i can't think of the word.
19 May 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

Lolek wrote:

"Given this opportunity I say that you should take interest in gruops where such things are happening on a daily basis like teachers, gays, politicians, military and such. Don't bother your head with an organisation you have no connection to."

But sure, I should concentrate more on "gays" and how we can all help them "pray it outta them" because thousands and thousands of children being molested, an act that in many parts of the world carries the death penalty, is far less of an issue.

Your defense in all this is that because I'm not catholic, because I'm not "connected" to this "organization", I should disregard their actions, no matter how despicable they might be. On the other hand, you're no longer denying it, you're now just telling me,"it's none of your business."

If you ever come across a non catholic parent that has a child that was molested by a priest, I can only hope you say something similar to them. Maybe the inevitable a$$ whoopin' you would soon after receive would knock some sense into you.

People like you contribute to the problem. The ongoing denial of millions allows it to continue to go unpunished.
15 May 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

at the risk of sounding completely condescending, i feel terribly sorry for you. we (and when I say "we", I mean everyone sound in mind) are not going to question whether or not these things happened, because they did. we are not going to question whether or not the guilty ones went to prison, because they didn't. we are not going to question fact, fact that YOUR pope has fully and publicly recognized (and apologized for) because that would be psychotic.

if we can't recognize fact, what can we possibly base our discussion on. with that said, I cannot further this conversation if that's going to be the format. disregard for things we know to be true. the true definition of "denial". far beyond naivety.

i will also go on to say that you should be ashamed of yourself for your failure to recognize such awful things those despicable people did.
6 May 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

Great fiction, are you doing that for living? I just don't know what your fiction has to do with JPII or the Chruch.

people either accept that it happened (and continues to happen) or they deny it. we all know what side you're on. it's cool. i'm not singling you out, you're simply part of the millions of others that think and act the same way.

I once watched an HBO documentary about the children in Ireland years ago that were abused by the hundreds by priests. They interviewed them in the documentary, they're full grown now, and their lives are completely ruined because of sexual abuse from catholic priests. It made my stomach hurt just watching it, thinking about how sick someone must be to do such things to innocent children.

Oh, just a quick cut and paste from wikipedia:
Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal in Ireland

The Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Ireland is a major chapter in the worldwide Catholic sexual abuse scandal. Unlike the Catholic sexual abuse scandal in the United States, the scandal in Ireland included cases of high-profile Catholic clerics involved in illicit heterosexual relations as well as widespread physical abuse of children in the Catholic-run childcare network. Starting in the 1990s, a series of criminal cases and Irish government enquiries established that hundreds of priests had abused thousands of children in previous decades. In many cases, the abusing priests were moved to other parishes to avoid embarrassment or a scandal, assisted by senior clergy. By 2010 a number of in-depth judicial reports had been published, but with relatively few prosecutions.

In March 2010, Pope Benedict XVI wrote a pastoral letter of apology to address all of the abuse that was carried out by Catholic clergy.[1]

Hey, thanks for the apology, Benedict.
30 Apr 2014
News / Polish Pope, John Paul II has been canonized today [with John 23rd] [85]

admittedly, if anything due to his charisma, even coming from a non-believer, it's hard to not like JP2 on the surface, but at the end of the day, because I'm not a religious person (at all) I look at everyone on an even playing field. the facts are laid out for us all, there was plenty of child abuse running rampant through catholic churches throughout the world, child abuse JP2 knew about and did nothing about, and that CANNOT be overlooked, I don't care how much Jesus you got in your life.

If you're someone that doesn't believe in a religion, or a "God" for that matter, you tend to look at everyone, even the pope, in the same way as anyone else. because of that, I'd like to present a comparison:

imagine a large world wide corporation, say 10,000 employees, and because of the size of the company, they offer day care for employees, right on site. this isn't a new idea, I know of several large companies that offer just this. they grow large enough and the facility is big enough to hire on site child care employees and the parents have their children right on site at the company campus. now imagine that at these child day cares, some of the children are being sexually abused, and it's more prevalent in certain locations compared to others. while all this is going on, the CEO of the company is FULLY aware of all that is going on, and instead of calling the police, having them fired, and giving the parents of these children the opportunity to prosecute these unspeakable crimes against their children, they have these child abusers transferred to different branches or have them work in different capacities, but nonetheless, they still work for the company.

sound crazy? it should. but it's exactly what The Vatican has been doing for as long as any of us can remember, yet people swarm the churches, week after week, and umpteem million poles flooded The Vatican to see a man get "sainted" that was fully aware of children getting treated in unthinkable and unmentionable ways. imagine a man being called a saint that did little to nothing to members of his organization that were molesting children.

if you're OK with that, well.....I guess the right thing to say would be "join the club", because the rest of the world seemingly is as well.
29 Apr 2014
History / Polish Easter Tradition is also pagan! [47]

Peter59 wrote:

"It seems to have held very true this year, we had frost again this morning and only 32 degrees."

I guess that all depends where u live in the US.
23 Apr 2014
History / Polish Easter Tradition is also pagan! [47]

So the blessing of the eggs could be exclusively Christian tradition.

i don't think you can count a tradition as being "christian" if the symbol itself, that being the eggs, is not exclusively christian. neither is blessing food, so blessing eggs cannot possibly be a "christian" tradition in and of itself. i'm not a historian nor do i have the bible memorized cover to cover, but i'm pretty sure there's no mentioning of colored eggs anywhere in there. and let's be honest, the majority of what christians do on christian holidays is not mentioned anywhere in the bible.
22 Apr 2014
History / Polish Easter Tradition is also pagan! [47]

we've named several things that are pagan, or from some other origin....i guess the right question to ask now is.....what traditions are exclusively "Christian"?
3 Apr 2014
Language / Speaking with wrong Polish case endings? [94]

most Yanks here at home wouldn't know a conditional (subjunctive) from a bloody hole in the ground

it's true. conditionals, or just past participle usage in general is pretty bad in the states.

Polish, like many other European languages, still tends to "go by the book" in terms of generally correct usage

part of that is because of the case system. english doesn't have to follow a pattern like polish, nor do we have to deal with gender. we can take a word, make it into whatever we want, and regardless of what preposition we put in front of it, the gender of the person, the tense, none of it matters. you just cut and paste and make your silly sentence and it all works out. Polish simply doesn't give you that freedom, it's too structured.

i always wondered how rap music in polish worked seems terribly complicated. if you want the words to rhyme, you always have to consider how the word is going to conjugate before you say it, otherwise, you don't have a rhyme. in english, the word is the word. use it however you want, it's still going to rhyme because case endings, or gender for that matter, don't exist. way more freedom.
26 Mar 2014
Love / Help me plan my wedding - in church in Poland, with a 2 day wedding party - Zabrze [24]

Ours years ago, but I cannot recall anybody being drunk one hour into the whole ceremony.

after the ceremony, dude. it's a 2 day wedding, the one hour at the church doesn't even count.

Fuzzy: How did you eventually sort out your legal paperwork or did you skipped the whole translating shenanigan?

gotta translate stuff, no way around it.
25 Mar 2014
Love / Help me plan my wedding - in church in Poland, with a 2 day wedding party - Zabrze [24]

lots of good advice here.

i had a 2 day wedding, it was fantastic.

something i didn't read on here that I did.....get a pig. yep, a big giant slow cooked pig. have it delivered around 01:00, by then everyone's drunk and ready to eat lots of greasy pork. it was a huge hit.

plus other spirits that you'll need to provide, whisky, gin, rum, brandy, champagne, wine.

we didn't bother with any other spirit but vodka. you're in Poland, do as they do. Our wedding was vodka, red/white wine, and a couple kinds of beer.

You might want to consider getting legally married in the UK and just getting a blessing in Polish church.

yeah, we looked into doing it in Poland and quickly realized it's a total a$$ ache and just did it a few months later during a visit to the states. in the meantime, we planned our big bash in Poland to be a couple months after that.

as far as where the wedding is, assuming it's inside, the location shouldn't matter too much assuming the venue is a good one, everyone's completely hammered within the first hour anyhow. i guess any outside wedding photos will be left with much to be desired.....but like the OP said, he doesn't seem to have much of a choice as far as what city to do this in.