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9 Mar 2013
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

But when you phone to enquire on price, you can see why the banners are yellowing or faded. If NBP reduces IRs, vendors who are leveraged will have even less pressure to sell -- the same disease as happened in Britain.

Maybe so, but the bubble has burst in reality and those yellowing posters are going to fall down soon. Prices are already back to 2006 except Poznan they are still at 2007 according to the article in the paper
9 Mar 2013
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

Maybe, I hear your pain but the facts speak for themselves. Prices in Krakow are now back to Q1 2006. You can find (2)the same size flat in a block near me and there can be 20-40% difference in asking price. so. there is a lot of madness and denial out there. I think the only way to find perspective is to look and the "actual" purchasing price for the last two years
9 Mar 2013
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

Good article in Gazeta today: says property price have returned to 2006 prices( if you take inflation into consideration) and will continue going down for the next 12 months and more. Experts predict prices will return to pre 2005.
22 Feb 2013
Real Estate / Astounded by the poor value of residential property here in Wroclaw [92]

If someone is here long term this could be a very good investment especially if they are in a town like Wroclaw with a large student community.

True, as long as it at least an 85m-100m apartment. Squashing into a box is not an option for an adult.

I'd love to see how you could afford a place of your own in London without subletting.

22 Feb 2013
News / Predictions about Poland for 2013 [85]

Polish unemployment will reach 15% and the remittance from the west will be decimated by Romanians and Bulgarians, which are the only two countries poorer than Poland.

Unfortunately Germany is having to deal with the PIGS and this strain is slowing the German economy down,

Germany caused the problem by lending the money in the first place.
22 Feb 2013
Real Estate / Best and worst months of the year to find a flat to rent in Poland? [39]

The sad truth is,that most people have special deals and arrangements with their rented accommodation: either they are getting reduced rent because the landlord is a family member, they are squashed 4 people in a 2 person flat, they are westerners on western wages, they have a partner working in the west, or, they have sh1t lives paying the full rent but its better than living with the parent and grandparents. Overcrowding is extremely high in Poland;up to 65% of population.
20 Feb 2013
Real Estate / Supply vs Demand - How long can contractors continue to push? Krakow [15]

The problem is they demand too high a price.

I would imagine that prices will fall more in 2013 than 2012 due to the ending of the home owners grants.

Hanging in there and waiting for the "good old days" to come back.

maybe 2006 prices but pre-boom is unlikely, unless the 3 million Poles abroad are sent home.
15 Feb 2013
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

Beginning of the year was marked by a a significant increase of activity customers interested in purchasing apartments. Large selection of offers and the decline in housing prices, which eg. in Wroclaw during the year amounted to almost 9%, is conducive to the search they run

However, skepticism prevails among intermediaries; only one in five believes that this year will take place improvement of the situation on the market - According to a latest report of real estate portal and Open Finance experts and financial advisory firm.,raport_z_rynku_nieruchomosci_styczen_2013_juz_bez_rodziny_ceny_nadal_spadaja.html

This link shows the predictions of those involved in real estate for 2013. Looks like large falls are set to continue.

10 Feb 2013
Life / Drivers and Mobile Phones In Poland [14]

Last bus I got 6 months ago went like this, bus driver,in a city, stops and picks me and 3 others up while on the phone; and, continued phone chat while we paid our fares; he just did the whole transaction with one hand while deep in conversation with some pal. To make it even worse he proceeded in this pattern for the next 5 stops, and not one passenger seemed the slightest bit concerned. Twilight zone of apathy.
4 Feb 2013
Work / MY SALARY in a Poland's private school. Is 1700 PLN netto too much? [11]

if I asked for 1700 netto

Would that cover rent for a small apartment and expenses? How many hours teaching(including class prep time)?

1700 Netto?? Zloty??

Thats 400 Euro .. you get 400 Euro in Germany from the government, when you are unemployed ..

and more than double that in Ireland,and three to four times that for flipping burgers in McDonald's, or packing shelves in Tesco.
3 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Is there actually anything cheaper in Poland than in UK? [51]

In context of wages(UK,Eire, Pol)
many food items are almost the same price as the UK, bread, meat, milk, etc same with Beers and fags. In Eire 20 fags cost a little less than an hours work-minimum wage, in Poland a little more than an hours work- minimum wage. However, electronic,Cd's, book,cars,petrol,oil,rent, certain foods, can be up to several time more expensive. for example a CD, a person on the the most common wage in Poland needs to work about 5 hours to buy a new release, a person in Eire 1 hour. (roughly) In context of wages Poland is a very expensive country, hence mass immigration.

Water is wet.