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29 Sep 2009
Polonia / POLES vs BULGARIANS [129]

Lol I've missed that about France. You said it just right Ksysia.

Rychlik what is your roommate name. Right now I think that he is not bulgarian at all or he is just arguing with you for fun.
29 Sep 2009
Polonia / POLES vs BULGARIANS [129]

Yep, it seems you are all right. I am curious, how you know so much about bulgarians, even when no one of you knows sh*t ( pardon my french ) about bulgarians and Bulgaria.

@rychlik - you are Canadian. You are so far away from Europe, and Balkans.

@PennBoy - "Bulgar"... Offcourse he is a bulgar ( I do NOT defend rychlik's roommate ), The name of my country cames after those asian tribes, that came to Balkans and push the byzantine empire back from these lands. The point here is TRIBE vs. EMPIRE. And of course these land was populated by slavics, so it is not possible one tribe to "consume" entire population of a province/territory or... I am not sure about the I think bulgarians are more slavics than asians. The proof is language and cyrillic alfabet( yep cyrillic was developed in Bulgaria, and yep I know it is not so widespread among slavics ).

@Crow - Man you are balkan. Yeah, yeah I know this sounds stupid, but you can't deny that we balkans are strange kind of people. I do not like it, may be you do not like it, but after all we are balkans, and it is difficult to "outer" people to understand.

Guys I think you try to start some kind of hatred about German influence. Which is better - Russian influence ??? I am quite interested in particular period in history of the 20th century, so Polish people should know better than me what f*cked up thing was comunism.


@krakowiak - Man you have no idea, but 50 years of comunism f***ed up us more than those "...the Bulgarians had to wait 400 years longer...".

@rychlik again - Man I read your latest post... Are you some kind of racist or anti-bulgarian ? Obviously you roommate is idiot you think it is normal to make points about bulgarians.

P.S. May be I should start with this, but my girlfriend is half polish. And I live with her for about 7 years. AND BELIVE ME, there is no kind of international/interracial/inter<something> hatred between us, and her polish mother. So i think entire topic is about stupid rychlik's roommate. I belive that stupidity is state of mind, and has nothing about nationality. So rychlik - the world is full with jerks.