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21 Jan 2018
Love / How to LEGALLY get medication for "mens problems" in Poland? [2]

I know this is a funny one but in the UK you can use high street pharmacies online sites to do an online consultation and get prescribed medication to "help keep things up in the bedroom". Is there anywhere like this online in Poland or do you need to visit the doctor face to face and have a potentially awkward conversation in your second language about getting some blue tablets!? Not looking for links to dodgy Canadian/Chinese sites, just a regular way of getting hold of these tablets in Poland potentially without a visit to the doctor (hopefully!). Thanks
6 Aug 2015
Classifieds / Random Classifieds Ads Poland [260]

Merged: Road Bike Hire Krakow - rower szosowy wypozyczalnia Krakow / Zakopane


I am looking for somewhere that hires road bikes for a group of about 15 people (the skinny wheeled, professional type) near Krakow or in Zakopane? I have found many bike hire shops but non with road bikes. Please help if anyone knows anywhere!

16 Apr 2011
Love / Asking a Polish mums acceptance [6]

My girlfriends dad isn't around so I'd like to ask her mum just for old times sake if i can ask her daughter to marry me. I'm trying to keep it a surprise so I can't ask her friends to translate for me, would the following be ok as a simple sentence?

Chciałbym prosić o rękę! Monia!

I'm wanting it to say, I would like to ask Monia to marry me.

If this is wrong or there's a shorter easier line please let me know! And any fast replies would be great!

30 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Large items - anybody know of any cheap delivery services from the UK to Poland? [4]

My girlfriend used to live in Canterbury and there was a company who did very good prices for delivering parcels to Poland from the UK. We're now in Northern England and can't use that company. Does anybody know of any cheap companies (not parcel force or DHL or big companies) that do a similar thing?? Need about 60kg of stuff bringing to Zakopane. Thanks
1 Nov 2010
Travel / Zakopane for Sylvester - is it time to book now? [32]

If your still interested drop me a private message on here. We have links with a number of people and maybe we can help, we have links to lots of accommodation options in central Zakopane.
22 Oct 2010
Life / Polish School Holiday Dates [7]

Thanks for this! Sorry for the slow reply! No I'm not Polish, my girlfriend is but we live in Zakopane in the winters yes!
12 Oct 2010
Life / Polish School Holiday Dates [7]

Hi can anybody provide me with the school holiday dates for Polish schools for 2011. I'm mainly interested between December and May. Thanks
8 Oct 2009
Law / What is the quickest and cheapest way to send money to a bank account in Poland? [37]

Yeah HSBC online charge only £23 for a transfer of £6000. Make sure you do it online though as if you call over the phone it is more like £60, don't ask why!? It clears within 4 days. You just need the IBAN (International bank number) of your Polish account, the Polish bank name and city.