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2 Jul 2010
Language / Usage of Polish Verbs [14]

Wykonać zadanie. Wykonać pracę. Wykonywać ćwiczenia.
Odbyć szkolenie. Odbyć stosunek płciowy ;-) . Odbyć rozmowę.
30 Jun 2010

I tend to agree that Poland is not a Western country. Poland is Central Europe, not Western, not Eastern, Central. Best example - people from Western Europe perceive Poland as being Eastern and people from Eastern Europe perceive it as being Western :-) . I wonder whether a parallel mechanism can be observed in regards to Japan.
17 Jun 2010
Language / Jeszcze or wciaz? [10]

I have to disagree. "Wciąż" doesn't neccesarily imply any emotions.

"Wciąż uczę się polskiego" may just mean "I am learning Polish and I am not yet proficient". And it doesn't sound any weirder than "jeszcze".
17 Jun 2010
Law / Family immigrated 1880's from Galacia: Polish Citizenship - A few Questions [13]

Polish drivers licenses...would you be able to keep/use the enhanced American one [...] Or, how would one go about getting a permanent Polish drivers license?

U.S. driver's license is not valid in Poland. However, its holder can obtain a Polish driver's license after passing the theory test. To register for the exam it is necessary to have the U.S. license translated by a sworn translator. Such translation must include information on what types of vehicles the person is permitted to drive.
11 Jun 2010
Language / Nazwy mieszkanców - the names of a city/country residents in Polish [14]

a person who lives in the city of Krakow - krakowianin
a person who lives in the vicinity of Krakow - krakowiak

Actually, I would use the term Krakowiak only in regards to a village man in the traditional costume.

but that also includes folk in the town of Krakow..

Krakowiacy, mieszkańcy wsi w okolicach Krakowa, w ujęciu hist. - mieszkańcy ziemi krakowskiej.

Well, yes, but that must be a really old meaning, probably from the XV or XIV century (
2 Jun 2010
News / Decoded talks inside Poland's president's plane are released in Internet [337]

I guess it's time now for them to apologize for the grip of delusion they have kept this forum in for such a long time as it's now clear all those theories were wrong, definitively wrong.

And what about those who claimed it was Kaczyński putting pressure on the pilots?
27 May 2010
Language / Maria, what is the Polish form? [28]

That is what I've mentioned above, often person named Maria would prefer to be called by a nickname like Mariola- is it more clear now???

No, it doesn't happen often and it's completely irrelevant. The question was about the name Maria and not nicknames. You could as well say that some women whose first name is Katarzyna prefer to be called księżniczka.
13 Apr 2010
News / Polish President Lech Kaczynski and gov officials die in a plane crash in Russia [682]

What you choose to take for the simplest answer is usually inspired by the things you see and read in mainstream media.

I am quite amazed by the amount of disrespect many people show on these forums. Thank you for this lesson - I was hoping that something has changed but this reminded me of what Einstein said about the infinite human stupidity.
26 Jan 2010
Language / Usage rules of ł in the Polish language [30]

I do have question though. What is the name of the letter " ł "? To be honest I am kinda getting tired of calling it the "L with a slash through it".

The letter "£" is called... "£". We don't have a separate name for it (like "an o with a stroke" or "a closed u" for "Ó").
11 Oct 2009
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1541]

You will find many, many words in French with unpronounced letters.
If you want a short explanation, French was made purposedly more difficult several centuries ago, to make it more 'noble', so that only cultivated people could use it.
Before that time, French spelling was very easy.

My favourite example of such a word in English is "queue". I've heard English spelling was heavily influenced by French. That would explain it ;-) .
10 Oct 2009
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1541]

You can't blame foreigners if they don't have that particular sound in their language.

I don't. The lack of care when spelling someone's name is what irritates me.

Ci is the same sound, just...wetter.

The tongue is in a completely different position.
10 Oct 2009
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1541]

Can anyone actually hear a difference between "cieszę się" (I'm glad) and "czeszę się" (I combing my hair)?

Yes, very clearly (I'm a native speaker of Polish, though). I've noticed that you (meaning people from the so called Western Europe) also have a problem with "si" and "sz". "Si" is often incorrectly translated as "sh". For example, Gosia becomes Gosha. It irritates me a lot. Thank God I don't have any "si" or "sz" sounds in my name.