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27 May 2010
USA, Canada / Free Tyskie beer at Kiełbasa Factory [28]

Tyskie is Polish beer?!

It is manufactured by SABMiller:

and does not taste like real beer at all...
23 Apr 2010
Law / Do Poland have big market for Natural and Handmade products? [10]

It is some market for such products. Even in small cities there are more and more shops with such cosmetics. Handmade, packed in nice way.

Style of packaging is most important, then little copywriting and exotic note.
17 Jan 2010
Life / Wholesale beer prices in Poland [10]

Zywiec belongs to Heineken
Tyskie, Lech, Debowe belongs to SABMiller

That means that these so called "beers", are manufactured by international companies, and can be distributed by these companies at minimal cost worldwide. I do not think that there is so money to make on these brands.

There are authentic polish beers on our market, tasty and made in traditiona way. They are not strong brands, but I suppose they will be. I think it is better to interest in these niche beers and not in mass market beerlike drinks.

Of course authentic beers are not so cheap :)
6 Jan 2010
News / IPN apologises to Adam Michnik [15]

They'd said that his father was guilty of crimes against Poland.

He was!

He was guilty and sentenced for 8 years altogether with other communists.
Problem is that IPN said that he was sentenced for spying for Soviets and they had only documents that he was sentenced for membership in Anti State organization and trying to overthrow political system.

I think that IPN was right. If nowdays someone from Al-Kaida works in US or some EU country and "is only trying to change political system" he spies for Al-Kaida too.
8 Oct 2009
Law / What is the quickest and cheapest way to send money to a bank account in Poland? [37]

There are some companies that can help but they generally work for polish customers.

Companies like:

- Przelewy365
- Grosik

just google them, because I'm not sure if I can put the links on this forum

You transfer money on their accounts in UK, they transfer it into polish account.
Cost - about 4GBP, 1-3 days.
18 Sep 2009
Law / How do I verify a Polish company's existence? [217]

"GALACTICS" Regon - 014910100still exist according to registers

and Poland Investment Inc. is an obvious scam


I have made a little guide - How to verify a Polish company's existence: