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25 Jul 2010
Travel / Wroclaw to Cologne [13]

What is the cheap and best way to go from Wroclaw to Cologne?
11 Jun 2010
Travel / "Cool" places to see in Wroclaw [6]

There is a club next to KFC full of hot polish girls.

idea dismissed...point nos. 2 and 3 not met!
10 Jun 2010
Travel / "Cool" places to see in Wroclaw [6]

My room is very hot and I really hate this weather. its too hot and i despise the heat. I would really like to find a "cool" place where I can escape the heat during the day but I have a few constraints:

1. It has to be in Wroclaw and not too far from the city center.
2. It shouldn't be a noisy place.
3. Should have Wifi/internet
4. Doesn't require me to spend money.

Any ideas? I like crazy one-liners but not this time. The heat is killing me so please give me some ideas of a "cool" place to save me from the heat!