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"Cool" places to see in Wroclaw

meha 3 | 7
10 Jun 2010 #1
My room is very hot and I really hate this weather. its too hot and i despise the heat. I would really like to find a "cool" place where I can escape the heat during the day but I have a few constraints:

1. It has to be in Wroclaw and not too far from the city center.
2. It shouldn't be a noisy place.
3. Should have Wifi/internet
4. Doesn't require me to spend money.

Any ideas? I like crazy one-liners but not this time. The heat is killing me so please give me some ideas of a "cool" place to save me from the heat!
southern 75 | 7,095
10 Jun 2010 #2
There is a club next to KFC full of hot polish girls.
lowfunk99 10 | 397
10 Jun 2010 #3
I was going to say the water park on Borowska.
OP meha 3 | 7
11 Jun 2010 #4
There is a club next to KFC full of hot polish girls.

idea dismissed...point nos. 2 and 3 not met!
olito 6 | 53
11 Jun 2010 #5
There is one coffee/ice-cream parlor called Ibiza with A/C, WiFi Internet, and quiet on ul. Sw. Antoniego (very close to the corner with Kazimierza Wielkiego). But nothing is for free in this world, you might have to buy at least a cup of coffee so sit there for hours if you want.
RickyOh - | 2
1 Oct 2015 #6
Merged: Just moved to Wroclaw

I just moved to my polish girlfriend in Wroclaw and i wanna see Poland!
What places in Poland is a must for me to go and see ?

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